Sarah, Sarah, Sarah — Meyers

Can’t Resist the Temptation

I can not stop myself from blogging about Sarah Meyers tonight. I posted what I thought was a pretty intersting blog/podcast about her conversation at the other day. About how she put on a great act with a sob story about her life and her request for a laptop and on it went. Well, apparently Sarah was not thrilled with my post and asked that the blog and the podcast be removed.

I hated to do it, but she claimed she did not get a job because of what I posted and although bitingly sarcastic and at times I did what I felt was the nice thing — I took both down. I do not want to be party to someone not getting a job because of thi

I did watch her for a little while today. She spent the day at the fratcave and when I tuned in she was asking the boys for help with something so incredibly ridiculous I was having a hard time believing she was really asking the question. She said she was going to put up a new photo on her page, but that her hair color was different than it is now and did they think she should do it or if it would be too confusing for her viewers.

Ok, so … WE are the stupid ones?! I think we can figure out that with different hair color it’s the same Sarah Meyers. Emmett’s response was that it is her page, her content and to do what she wanted. Good answer.

She moved on to her next question, the question of the day — “How do I put a donate button on my page?” They didn’t offer much help, but she was working on it. I am so stumped about the donate buttons on JTV sites. Justine has one and I would imagine she is getting some donations, but WHY would someone send their hard earned money to one of these lifecasters? For what reason?

I left and went on to prepare for a party I was hosing and came back at about 10pm. There was a Sarah Tip — “Sarah’s had a rough week :(” I watched and saw her talking about the fact that her car was impounded and that she’s going to have to leave it there. She said that the car is “only worth $6k)” and that she has to pay a lot to get it out because she has a lot of tickets. She must have ignored the citations for a very long time to make it so expensive it’s not worth getting the car out.

The tip stopped before her dad picked her up, so the end of the story is a mystery to me, but I’d bet daddy pays her way out of the impound.

Justin has arrived in Hawaii and is in a cab on his way to the hotel which SuperCW — Christa — arranged for him at an amazing rate $100/night. I am not one for overgrown, massive hotels, but from the photos, it looks like it’s got an amazing view, will be interesting to see the lifecast once it’s daylight.

I have an early call tomorrow (8am — YUCK!), so I will end the rambling here. Nothing lost. Not much happend during the brief time I was able to check out the streams.


6 Responses

  1. I can’t believe you caved !!!!

  2. I am sorry Justo, but Sarah saying she lost a job because of you is like the JTV kids saying they can’t get funding and losing viewership because of the negative blogs.

    You know Sarah is a drama queen. When was the last time she had a “real job”?

    Don’t let people blame you for their problems. If you start censoring your blogs because somebody complains, then why publish one at all? People will not come back to read them if the impression is that you are blogging “All the news JTV wants you to read”.

    You have blogged about how Sarah, just like Justin, doesn’t care what the viewers think, until they need them for their own selfish purposes.

    Why should you care?

    It would be different with somebody like Jeff, who actually is trying to connect and cares about the viewers. A slip on his part could be overlooked and forgiven. But don’t feed these people’s egos. They already think that they can control and manipulate the viewers, don’t let them do the same with the last honest blogger.

    They already are happy because Hamsterwatch got so discouraged with their stuff that she quit blogging. They dropped the old JTV Guide blog when people went against them and they couldn’t control it.

    Now, are you going to let them control you?

    I read your blog everyday because it is honest and reflects the opinions of the majority of viewers. If you make a decision to filter your views because it might hurt somebody, you might as well write for the JTV P.R. blog “15 minutes”.

    You didn’t make these people wear the camera and broadcast. They wanted to for their own selfish reasons. You don’t control what they do when they are broadcasting… you only report it with your opinions thrown in.

    Sarah, just like Justin, is spoiled, lazy and self-centered. They are both doing everything they can to avoid a “real job”, which they probably could not hack.

    So let’s see… Sarah is selfish, inconsiderate, arrogant and just plain strange. You report this. Sarah doesn’t like it, so somebody has to change. Sarah decides it needs to be you.

    I am sure it never occurred to Sarah that SHE is the one that needs to modify her behavior, because she has been able to skate all her life being just as irresponsible as she is.

    You are not her mommy.

    You were here blogging long before Sarah came along and it is up to her to make YOU (and the viewers) happy, not the other way around.

    I firmly believe you need to put the post about Sarah back up. These people have their own blogs to defend themselves. (Has Justin blogged even once?) Instead they choose to cry and moan and blame other people for their issues like little kids.

    At this point I would say that “They made their bed, so now they have to lay in it”, but the fact is that they are not even responsible enough to make their bed…

    Don’t make it for them.

  3. Hey Stacia and Johnincal, I appreciate the feedback and the support and clearly hear what you are saying. I won’t let these lifecasters control me. It’s interesting that Justin and the fratboys have never spoken out about anything I’ve written and I’ve rarely been supportive. If they can handle it, their lifecasters should be able to as well! 🙂

  4. This Sarah girl is sooooo dumb and inconsiderate of others that I actually regret the time I lost watching her. I mean, come on, what the f*** is her “talent”??? She talks like she is retarted and does not care about the people she interviews or interacts with as long as she is in the spotlight. Maybe she should consider going into porn – best way to put herself in the limelight staying her cheap self without having to talk.

  5. I agree what Johnincal wrote, thats why people love blogs, its like lifecasting, it captures real life, not want someone wants us to read.
    Keep up the good work Justopia. 🙂

  6. Yeah, justopia fan you and Johnincal and jeffy are right — I should never have caved or censored myself. That was the first and last time — promise!! 🙂 Thanks for reading me!

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