Chronicling the Great San Francisco Chronicle Theft

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JTV Makes the Front Page Again

Is paying for one copy of a newspaper, while walking off with multiple copies a crime? I’d be willing to bet that the San Francisco Chronicle would think so. While it’s interesting that JTV is still making the Chronicle’s front page, does that warrant him the freedom to stroll up to a newspaper stand, plop down $0.46 plus tax and take as many copies as he wants? Now take me down if I am incorrect, but if you watch the incident (which I tipped) which aired at 3:00pm, I think you too will see that after asking Emmett for change, he put in one payment and walked off with a few and then asked Emmett and Shooby to carry two. I guess either the weight of the papers or the weight of the less than noble act of stealing newspapers was too much for him to bear.

I know, it’s not the worst thing to happen in the world today, but the Chronicle has been struggling, as have most newspapers to keep up with subscribership and if everyone that felt entitled to free papers took more than what they paid for, what would be left of mainstream, traditional newspapers?


Emmett puts in two coins — unless he had two presidents, I’d say they were two George’s, and that he paid for ONE paper


After Justin patted himself on the back for making the paper again, there was some discussion about creating a scrapbook of newspaper clippings before moving on to conversation about the naked hot tub orgy incident at Hooman’s last night. Justin asked if they had watched any of the video before deleting it which ironically led to a brief discussion about tips. Emmett guessed that no one was watching at that hour and said, “If bad content falls on the network and no one is there to tip it, did it really fall?” The funny thing is that I remember the Hooman incident being discussed in Jeffy’s room last night. I wasn’t interested enough to run to Hooman’s stream to catch any of it, but the fratboys are obviously not at all in tune with what’s happening on their network at night.


Look closely and you will see the hand in the cookie jar. Either he wanted a clean copy that wasn’t on top, or he was digging for more than one

It’s incredibly ironic to me that within minutes of Justin taking more newspapers than he paid for he would talk about archiving broadcasts that are not for public viewing. Again, does he not realize that he has provided JTV viewers with the potential to tip any part of any day on any broadcast? Hell, they’ve even provided the convenience for us to be able to tip right out of the archives. So to you Justin, I say, watch watch your back. If you are doing something that you have any doubt about step back and think about it before taking action — someone will be around and if they take issue with it, it will be chronicled.

Beta Channel Galore

A bevy of Beta Channels launched today and the decision about what to watch is becoming more difficult. I popped into a few of them this morning, but nothing hooked me. Jeffy seems to understand the concept. He was on the phone with someone that I assume is a fellow JTV lifecaster and told the listener that it’s not necessary to broadcast 24/7, but that it’s very important to do something interesting while you are broadcasting, because if you don’t, viewers will leave and never come back. He said that he’d learned that lesson quickly. It’s a breath of fresh air to hear a lifecaster that is actually thinking with a clear head, in tune with his viewers, and listening to what they have to say.


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