Holiday Week

Quiet Days at JTV

I’m getting ready for the company I am having this week, so although I do hang out in the rooms, I am often not even sitting at my computer or am not paying attention and today I have not been paying attention when anything was going on in any of the streams, so I am pretty much devoid of information. Writing this blog takes hours of time spent watching the antics of the fratboys and the lifecasters so that I can gather up enough information to hopefully make it interesting and I apologize, but today I am coming up pretty much empty.


In the meantime, since I am not sure I will have time to post anything tomorrow night, I thought I’d put up a couple of pre- Independence Day images for your viewing pleasure. 🙂 My plan is to take some fun ones during my party preparations and during the fireworks and events to go along with whatever I do manage to see in the world of JTV

These mosaics sure are time consuming and are system resource hogs to get done, but I think they’re quite fun in the end. You may have to get a few steps away from the images to really make out what they are, but all in all, it’s a compilation of shots in Washington, DC and elsewhere with flags and monuments, etc. for this US Independence Day week.

Happy viewing!!


Lincoln Memorial

Standing on a Glacier in Juneau, Alaska — 2002


Washington Monument with Flag


The Jefferson Memorial

Well, I’ve given it another shot tonight and aside from the technology being really fouled up all day, it’s so dead quiet. I have never watched Big Brother aside from the very first episode when it launched all those years ago, but it appears that a lot of JTV viewers are psyched and anxious to get back into the BB life. I would imagine viewership here is going to fall flat, but only time will tell.

That said, I am going to sign off for he day. It will be nice to get to sleep much earlier than usual. I will be busy with preparations tomorrow, but will check in from time to time and hope that there is something interesting going on. With the holiday week here in the US, it’s likely a lot of people are enjoying some vacation time and are putting JTV on the back burner and once they get a taste of real life, they might find it hard to come back. We’ll see.


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