A PCH Drive

We Were Treated to Real Beauty

Jeffy took us on a ride tonight. Without any effort on our part we got to see the Pacific Coast Highway in northern California. I’ve always wanted to see that and it was beautiful, but when it came time for the sun to set, this was when the real show began. Jeffy took stills which are breathtaking. I took just over 100 screen shots as the excursion was happening, and edited them down to about 20, but they pale in comparison to what Jeff will put up or send to those that make a request.


If you look up toward the top right hand corner of the shot above, you will see a para glider — he/she’s a dot, but when Jeffy gets his photos posted you can see it clearly.


This gives you a better idea of the spectacle that nature put on for us tonight.

Here is a slideshow of the sunset in chronological order

I am not going to spend much more time tonight — I must get some sleep, but thought you would like a little sample of what we did tonight.


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