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Angst and the Same in Chat

What the hell has happened to JTV? Ok, maybe it’s not really a departure from what has been going on the past 89 days, but last night got to the boiling point. It’s all about Chat Moderation. I’ve posted about this plenty of times in the past, including last night, but with each iteration it gets more out of control. Moderators making statements about people — insults and taunts, opinions and such that have no place in chat moderation.

The moderators are, for the most part, running wild. A few seem to have their heads on straight, but the bulk of them are more of the same — feeling all giddy inside for what seems like some kind of belief that they are “insiders” and that this is in some way important, giving them a place in the world, a strange kind of status that is just so insignificant, so trifling! Hmmm… inside what? They aren’t employees, they don’t have schedules, they allegedly have a set of “rules” to follow, but no real detailed guidelines. Hmmm…we don’t have any rules of the road or guidelines to follow. What are we supposed to do to be compliant in the chat rooms?


This photo, shot on the cinque terre in Liguria, Italy (Spring, 2002) makes me feel calm

That is getting boring though. On the bright side, the word filter was fixed, as Emmett said:

emmett: we fixed it
[10:14pm] emmett: no more harassment

I guess that was suppoed to be humorous since a little while ago harassment would have been cause for a filtering pop up and admonishment.

Funny, Jacob told me in mail that he understands some words will get banned that shouldn’t be but that they are working on it. And at one point when I was ranting about it in PG1 last night/this morning, Indigo popped up (like he so often does) and said it was a mistake, although he did not take responsibility, and that it would be fixed at some point.


The side of an unusually undecorated Philippine Jeepney — used for both mass transit and individual transportation

Can anyone say — communicate?! Who is doing what, when? Does the right hand know what the left hand is doing at JTV? They work in silos, there are only FIVE of them and they work in the same room!!!! Are they kidding me?!?!?!

Apparently they know they use offensive language in the Justin and Office Cam streams, but as long as they clean up chat, they are happy — for now. Ok, I get it, it’s not rocket science. The worry is about potential investors and sponsors, and, more importantly, what’s in writing is much more accessible to be subpoenaed. I understand. But Fratboyzz, not all the viewers understand. Just post something — anything to let people know what is going on — perhaps a “We know we get a little passionate sometimes and it’s reflected in the language we use, heck the courts told the FCC a few weeks ago to chill on what they are calling “fleeting expletives.” However, people that may want to contribute to our income are not real happy with the shit that’s going on in the rooms. That’s the way it is and until we get things in place, live with it or don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out. I mean — viewers, why do we care about them? Heck, we don’t even speak kindly of people that send us mail looking for a place on the team and we’ve dissed sponsors before, so why should we start caring now?


Mainla, Philippines — May, 2007

I’m waiting for the first job applicant to make a complaint. In some states, accepting an application and doing something wrong with it is tantamount to asking for a suit to be brought. Writing on applications in Virginia is a hot button — it can be subpoenaed and once that happens, anything you wrote on the document is subject to scrutiny. I am not at all familiar with California code, but I can only imagine what would happen if a person sending mail in response to the call for job applicants catches one of the boyzz making fun of their resume or their background on camera.

Perhaps they look to hire people on a contract basis — that is a much easier way to get around what can be rigid employment code in many states, but until they’ve hired the person, they open themselves up to trouble laughing about people on camera. And … it’s pretty damn rude. Ok, they’ve established they don’t care about other people, but can they make the attempt to act professional?


Vegetables at the Pampang Market in Angeles City, Philippines — 2001

I am waiting to see Sarah Meyers on camera. She was an instant sedative the other few times we’ve been “treated” to her on screen, I can’t imagine what full time with Sarah will be like. I have had problems falling asleep lately, so maybe it will be a welcome relief! It would be less expensive than Ambien, although probably more addictive.


We’ve Been Thrown into the Dark Ages and Cancer Killed the Peanut Gallery

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The Days Before 24 hour Television Programming

Do you remember the olden days? Mysister and I used to pester our grandmother to tell us stories of the olden days. My favorites were stories of the ice man coming to deliver blocks of ice and the days before television. And…speaking of days gone by and … Are we back in the olden days or what? For those of you that were not born after oh, I don’t know, 1980, do you remember that television programming would stop at midnight? The clock would strike 12:00am and a static picture of the American flag would come on and Taps (military bugle call) would close out television viewing for the day. We’d wake up in the morning, and I seem to recall that at 5:00am programming would resume, but not before the American flag would reappear and we’d hear The National Anthem again to start our day.


All in a Day’s Work — Bangalore, India 2003

It seems to me that we are being thrown back to the days before 24 hour programming. When we wake up on the East Coast we are greeted with no feeds on any of the channels. Although Justine is in the Eastern time zone, she seems to stay up as late, or later than our west coast friends, so she rarely wakes up at a reasonable hour for viewers that are awake and tuned in prior to noon, although she did get herself out of bed and out doing things while she was in Atlanta.

So, I have a few questions for the fratboyzz

1. Do you long for the days before the internet when television programming was limited in terms of content and time?

2. Do you realize that there are two other time zones in the US and a total of 24 worldwide and that there are nautical time zones also? That Russia has the most time zones in the world and that Australia has one of the most unusual time zones — there is a group of islands on the border of South Austrailia is 8 and 3/4 hours ahead of UTC and that there is even Internet Time?

3. Do you think about the viewer experience?

4. Is there anything that could make you program with something other than your own interests in mind?

5. Do you do any kind of research on the lifecasters you are going to launch to see what their broadcasts will be like?

6. How do you feel about a couple of hundred viewers waking up to no or minimal feeds? Do you fear losing viewers because of this?

7. Do you really know your viewer demographics? By logging IP addresses you can get a handle on where people are logging in from, but you don’t get any gender, age, income, etc. data with this information. How do you tailor content? Right, you don’t tailor anything, if you did, you’d cater more to the young, hormonally influenced viewers that seem to idolize Justine and add more women to the lifecasting line up.

And one question for me — Do I actually think they will respond to any of these questions? Too bad I can’t get the i8Ball to reply to me here. 🙂

Banning Everyday Contemporary American English in Chat Now??


Guard at The Forbidden City — Beijing, China, 2000

I have begun to amass a string of classic words that, if I were to canvass the viewers and ask about, would certainly assume are nothing to be offended by and that they may even be passionate about.

Tonight when fighting off the those that were not thrilled with PG1 regulars coming into Nick’s room and having conversations with all the familiarity that goes along with spending over 80 days chatting with, we noticed that we were seeing a new ban pop up with certain words. Any word with the letter combination ass was a target. What’s next, book banning? Please tell me this is not the future of JTV, that there is such a concern over the language in chat that common, everyday words are going to continue to be banned, or we may be at an impass and I will have no place to turn, but the outside world for fun.


Look up to the top right hand corner and you will see that I got the Ban pop up for the word classy

What Has Happened to PG1?


“Land’s End” — Cabo San Lucas, Mexico — 2001

The Peanut Gallery, or formerly Lobby 1 was once a meeting place for “charter viewers”, the regulars of Justin and the Fratboyzz. Now, it is a ghost town. I went away for 3 days and came back to a couple of handfulls of viewers on the user list and no one chatting. It looks like many of the regs — Yalie, MyNick, Garet, Callie, Jeffy, Davy, Codinome, even Jenn, are a thing of the past, or are rarely popping in. This was a very quick death. Some of us suspected a terminal disease, but I am not sure any of us expected it to be so damn quick. We never had a consult with a doctor for crying out loud! What kind of healthcare is this? Surely there was some kind of surgery that could have been done, some chemical treatment that would have saved PG1 from expiring in the way it did.

If I were a Lifecaster doctor — Dr. Justopia — I would have prescribed the following:

~When choosing lifecasters, do just that — choose them. Don’t take the easy way out and ask people that you know or run into in your day to day life. Just because someone is in the high tech industry does not make them a potentially successful, interesting lifecaster.

~Listen to what viewers are saying. If they are asking for more time with a lifecaster, give it to them, although spending all day and night in chat with viewers does not make an interesting lifecaster.

~When adding streams, hype it up, don’t just launch them without any excitement. Give viewers a reason to go to another stream/room, rather than just bailing out.

Take two aspirin and call me in the morning

Flame Out?

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My Head Hurts


Balloon Reflection -- Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Festivities - October, 2001

Here I am, sitting back watching JTV and I am getting a headache from switching channels and IRC chat rooms. I can't find anything to keep my attention, so I run from channel to channel and it's not helping. Time for some headache medicine.


The Balloon Waiting for Tethered Rides at the Office -- Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, 2001

I tuned in when I returned home from my brief trip to New Jersey and finished unpacking and headed straight for the laptop and I was surprised to see another stream. I tuned in for a few minutes and Nick Douglas was walking around town. He ended up in a grocery store and this did not go over well with viewers. Complaints about how boring it was to go grocery shopping with him seemed to be popular and at that point I tried the other channels, but there was nothing to keep my interest.


Special Shape Balloon -- Officially Named the Monitaire -- A little Play on Words and Foreign Language

Where Have All the Regulars Gone?

I checked out the Peanut Gallery and there was one person in there. The regulars seemed to be spread out between channels or, simply not around and when I mentioned that I could not believe I was still at the top of the Chat Stat page for the Peanut Gallery, I was told that there hasn't been much chatting going on -- apparently not.


Early Morning Flight with the Sandia Mountains in the Background - Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, 2001

I tuned in this evening and again couldn't find anything exciting. I saw Justin and the crew doing a film shoot for Entourage and Nick was chatting with viewers who were thrilled to have someone to talk with. It seems to me that people are just not interested in this until someone that is streaming or a JTV cast member comes in and chats with the fans. It's as though people consider these lifecasters or JTV creators and employees actual talented celebrities and if they interact with us, they are put on a pedestal and adored. I don't get it, I just don't get it.

Waiting for Interesting Streams


Packing Up After the Ride - Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, 2001

So far, none of the lifecasters seems to be terribly successful (except, perhaps, Parris, but I can not confirm this fact) so I am at a loss as to what would make their lifecasts interesting? I think there are some viewers that have been anxiously awaiting the Dr. Doug feed to catch some MLB excitement and would like to see Barry Bonds break that record, but we haven't seen anything from the MLB guys since last week when they had the meeting with Justin during the Chronicle interview. Hopefully the bit about signing the contract wasn't a show stopper, but anything is possible in JTV-land, isn't it?


Commemorative Balloon Fiesta Boots -- Going Away Gift as I Departed for Bangalore, india and Another Adventure

I am trying to understand how this is going to work when the platform is open to anyone that wants to stream? How will we decide who to tune in to? Without schedules or a summary of what to expect other than very vague and general information and current updates to the schedules, what is there to draw viewers and to keep them tuned in?

I am quickly running out of something to write about. My muse is failing me -- the inspiration is almost dead. Seeing regulars flit between streams and rooms tells me that I am not the only disenchanted viewer.


The New Mexico State Balloon Shot While en Route

What is the Plan?

Justin, Michael, Emmet and Kyle -- your concept seems to be withering on the vine. It's time to do something to kick it up a notch. Yes, you have added streams, but they are not interesting on any long-term basis. Yes, you are going to open it up to the "masses," but I would imagine it won't be anymore interesting or technically sound than what we have today. I checked out ustream and there are too many choices and without some real time spent looking around to determine what would interest me, it doesn't seem worthwhile. What will make JTV any better?


Balloon Fiesta Pilot's Jacket -- Gift from the Crew

Flame Out?


The Night Glow -- The Balloons Don't Fly, But They Look Incredible Light Up

The more streams/channels, the more diluted it all appears to get. I find the same problem with broadcast television. I tend to watch the same channels day in and day out. We are creatures of habit by nature, it takes something of interest or importance to get us to step out and try something new. Justin and team, PLEASE do something to grab my attention!


Not My 30th Journey -- My First, but the Jacket Was a Gift from the Crew

No Passing Up the Opportunity

I can’t help myself.  I just feel the overwhelming need to post something every night.  I didn’t post on Monday, for the first time, but no shame in that, right?

I just tried to log in and much to my chargrin I could not get into IRC.  It just wouldn’t take my commands so I gave up and went into site chat.  Ugh

When I get back home tomorrow I’ll give it a try, although I do hope this new-found feeling of liberation follows me to Virginia.  It’s been a real pleasure not being tied to JTV.

Well, I did not watch at all, so I have nothing of interest to say tonight.  Rather than boring the hell out of you guys, I will end here.


Taking a Break

No Time for JTV

I’m up at my parent’s home in New Jersey, the home I grew up in — spent my first 18 years. Staying in my old room, sitting around not doing much, but also not spending my days and nights online and not seeing much of and the crowd in the Peanut Gallery or any of the other rooms. It’s nice up here, lots of trees and vey few cars in this suburban neighborhood

I feel more relaxed, but a little out of touch with my virtual life at the same time.

I popped into the Peanut Gallery for a few minutes and it looks like there’s some drama with Parris’ feed — the will he or won’t he broadcast anymore and there are a couple of new feeds and Justine’s room still commands the most chatters while the other rooms are down to a paultry few “fans.”

I’d like to see this guy, but I am supposed to be a normal person that doesn’t spend her days and nights online, so I am hanging out in my room without the sound on. LOL

Here is a shot of a gift I picked up for my dad when I was still living in Argentina last year. He still golfs and I thought it would be fun to get him this replica of one of the cows in the Cow Parade, but … do you notice anything about this colorful cow. YES! It’s a COW! It was not the bull parade! I was the COW parade and all of them are, of course, female. It wasn’t until he unwrapped his early Father’s Day gift and I took a look at it and saw the strands of “pearls” and the pink visor that I realizied and we all had a great big laugh over his Father’s Day gift — a female bovine playing golf!! Cute 🙂


“Udderly Putterly”

A slideshow with many of the Argentine Cow Parade Cows — I don’t remember their titles anymore, but they were all appropriately titled with Cow references like the one above.

[rockyou id=72998411&w=400&h=300]

And now I am going to go back to relaxing — without JTV. I hope to be back home by Thursday evening and back into the comfortable position on the couch paying attention to the droll happenings in Justin’s wold once again by Friday.

I suspect there will be a lot of JTV happenings, or non-happenings to catch up on then.

Chat Stats, Speed Dating, Stuttering Streams and Aquariums, Oh My!

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I began writing this post last night, so please bear with me as we span about 24 hours of JTV time.

What do the Numbers Tell Us?

Does anyone else think there’s a message in the fact that Justine and Dez take the #1 and #3 “Most Talkative” slots on the page?

The flight to Atlanta was a good change of pace. I wonder if Justine was antsy since she could not spend time in chat? She’s in the hotel now — I left before she started broadcasting again, although she was on the ground according to the flight tracker — and is in bed chatting with fans. I suppose she’s tired. She got up at about noon or possibly 1pm, went to the airport for the 1.5 hour flight, got to Atlanta, apparently had dinner and then decided she had an early day so she got into bed. Well, the fans love it — she was in a sleeveless tee and little shorts. Enough to get the hormone raging teens in the room crazy.

Following Justine from Pittsburgh to Atlanta

Assumptive Selling

It’s not the London Bridge, but he couldn’t sell that anyway and it’s more location appropriate — Summer, 2000

Justin took us speed dating last night. It was an hour and 45 minutes of, “I am broadcasting MY life 24/7,” and “we are rolling out new lifecasters,” and … blah blah blah.

He was pretty courteous, not a mensch, but nice enough to ask each woman if she minded being filmed. He needed an assumptive sales pitch not the “Do you mind if I film you? You can say no, I don’t mind, it’s not a problem.” And with that, all but 2 woman of the 18 said no. We could hear his comments and most of what the women had to say.

The most interesting part was the validation that he is not as well known as he and so many of his fans believe. One in 18 knew what was. He had met her before. Not a single woman knew otherwise. He fled from the event as quickly as he could when it was over and lamented on his walk to Crystal Towers to meet the guys that the whole thing was anoying — having to explain what he was doing to everyone and that almost no one had heard of him before. He walked away grumbling.

Stuttering Streams

By the time I got online this morning — 10am, Justine was up and about. She was on the convention center floor with an associate having the booth set up. She did her part — sat around and chatting online — while Jeremy put up the booth. The stream was horrible, and I don’t expect it to improve while she’s down on the floor in Atlanta. This technology is just not ready for prime time. It’s like 1996 and the first consumer digital cameras. They sucked — really sucked, but I could not stop buying them. And one day, voila, what came to market were cameras that we could use and have instant gratification. Wonderful quality, of course not, but useable? Yes. I think we are at that 1996 point with Lifecasting. One day we will wake up and the technology will be where it needs to be to make the experience less than frustrating, something to want to bother logging in for, but today, it’s like watching a television with rabbit ears. You had to get them just right to enjoy the television viewing experience. Top that with a lifecaster that is more interested in watching herself and chatting with her viewers and this could be something that takes off. Today, it’s pretty much a dead bore and one that just does not need to be.

My view on the way to work in the Philippines — 1999

Justine flew 500 miles to a different city. She’s in a large city with a variety of things to see and to do, but she was at a complete loss when Jeremy asked her what she wanted to do next, after the booth was set up. They had hours to kill and she could think of nothing to do. Now, I’m sitting here confused. She most likely signed up for this conference or booth, which, by the way is never an inexpensive proposition, some time ago, received the schedule, and could have made plans in advance. Maybe she just got the gig, I don’t know, but in any event, she had at least a couple of days to figure out what kind of schedule she’d have there. Jeremy pulls out an extensive brochure which notes that the trade show was not going to begin until 5pm. It was a little after 11am as they left the convention hall and they were clueless. They walked outside and were greeted by a hotel employee asking if they needed help or a car. They declined help and walked away and decided without a plan, they had no idea what they were doing. So they went back into the hotel, up to their rooms and Justine was back online.

No, you are not surprised, but perhaps disappointed? We finally get away from behind her computer and the coffee shop and have nothing to do on a sunny Sunday afternoon. She and Jeremy decided to go to brunch and although I’m not sure, it seemed that perhaps it was Jeremy’s wife that joined them.

They went downstairs to brunch and were greeted with wonderful Southern hospitality by the hostess who asked about Justine’s camera and this woman seemed to get it . Perhaps she watches and was playing Justine. Her comment, once Justine mentioned she was streaming live to the internet was something to the effect of, “Oh viewers don’t see you, they see what you are seeing, that’s cool.” Any votes on whether she was purposeful in her statement?? 🙂

Iguazu Falls, Argentine Side Looking at Brazil — 2005

Brunch looked pretty awful. I have a thing about major US hotel chains. I’ve always preferred a much smaller boutique hotel experience, but when pressed, my choices are the Shangri-La or the top tier Oberio Vila’s resorts. I just haven’t had similar experiences with the Hyatt, Hilton, Marriott chains stateside. So … the buffet in the hotel restaurant looked miserable. Overcooked scrambled eggs sitting in steamer trays, a waffle iron to make your own, which Justine had a real problem with. The cooking spray was there for a reason and you have to cook the waffle fully or it just won’t come out. She pulled off as much as she could and then left the rest in the iron and closed it up. Nice for the next person — burned up remains of the waffle, but at least it will come out at that point.

I have no idea if she finished all that stuff on her plate

The stuttering stream continued and I left for a while out of frustration. When I came back Justine was — yes! Back in her room in front of her computer. She finally decided to go to the aquarium and it was a great decision. She got through without any problem and actually, more southern hospitality. And there she is … walking around, but I have had enough so I am back to chatting and as always, the conversation in the Peanut Gallery is far superior to anything that we hear in the streams. This afternoon, since we’re at the aquarium, it’s turned to SCUBA diving. Some of us are divers, others are not, but we found something in common to chat about.

Explanation not needed

Tank cleaning time

Final Thoughts for a Few Days

I am going to dinner and a movie tonight. One that I am looking forward to very much — it’s titled Once. It will also be nice to have interaction with another human being again. Wow! Three days in a row. I must be making progress. I think this movie will be just what I like — something to think about with some good teary moments.

And then … I am heading up to Jersey for a few days and won’t be online much at all so I won’t be posting again until later in the week. Someone else might just get the opportunity to overtake my ridiculous chat stat lead. If so, I will feel like I may be on the path to recovery. The first step is acknowledging I have a problem, but I have no idea what the next one is, so I am going to head off and look up 12 step programs and see what I can learn. 🙂 Surely there is a need for a 12 step for some of us regular JTV viewers.

If you click on the image it will bring up the fill size and you can get a view of the comment that was captured for this stat generation — it’s a sad commentary on my life at the moment.

Justine Takes Flight

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s Off to HOW We Go

Justine is attending the HOW Design Conference ( in Atlanta and left this afternoon. I have to hand it to her, she did a great job “taking her fans” on the trip. She had the camera turned off and was chatting with us while she was sitting at the gate. She told us she was afraid of getting in trouble, so she turned off the camera, and that she got yelled at for stacking two laptops together in the bin at security. I would imagine the “new and improved TSA” agents did not yell at her, but when it’s busy at the airports you can get a guy or gal with an attitude.

Anyway, when she said she didn’t want to turn the camera on in the airport, because she didn’t want to get in trouble, I told her Justin took us through security, put us in the exray machine and kept the feed going until they got up in the sky and the fratboyzz transitioned the feed to the frathouze.

Tax’ing out to the runway

She said she had not seen that. That she was not able to watch for that trip. So, I don’t know if it was kindness to the viewers, the total addiction to streaming and chatting or a real competitive drive that got to her, but she set up the camera and we waited in the not so bustling Pittsburgh airport for her flight to board.

We are heading down the runway to takeoff

She boarded and told us she had to turn off the camera/laptop, but then, a surprise, she was back in business — sreaming live from her seat. It did not sound like she had a seat mate — no chatting with strangers as she would normally do, but she did point the camera to the window. We taxied out to the runway and were with her through takeoff. I don’t think we got all the way to cruising altitude, but it was a great expeire none the less.

Ive got to give it to Justine — whatever posessed her to overcome her fear of getting in trouble and gave us the opportunity to take another trip — free, wihtout the hassle of the airport experience, it was wellworth the time checking in to see what Justine was up to this afternoon.

And we’re Up! Up! And Away! She couldn’t see the broadcast to check camera angle, but we must have been about 5000 up in the air at this point — and then the feed was cut. Check out the Planecasting tip and you can go along for the ride.

I am sitting on my balcony, watching the world go by and soaking up the sun, which we were told this week though still harmful to our skin in large doses, may be helpful in preventing cancer because it creates vitamin D which we all know is good for cancer prevention. I am looking pretty damn pasty and figured I could use the help of a little color in my still somewhat freckled face. Off in the distance is Dulles Airport, my take off point for distant lands. I can sit in one of the comfortable chairs and stare off toward planes taking off and landing and think of the places I’ve been and imagine those I’ve yet to explore. All is right with the world.