iPhone Launch Mania, a Wee Bit of a Conflict of Interest and FINALLY – Something of Interest — Gizmodo Enters the Realm of Lifecasting on JTV!!

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Camping Out for Technology?

I have a view of an AT&T store from my balcony and there is nothing going on. Nothing. Ok, so there are trees blocking a clear view, but if there is a line of people camping out to purchase one of the sleek, sexy, probably doesn’t work all that well yet iPhones, I am sure I would see some activity down there. Ahhhh… I get it. It’s an “upscale” area and no “upwardly mobile” consumers of top dollar handheld gadgets are allowed to loiter or camp out, so in order to get a good view of the panedmonium I will either have to wake up before dawn or hang out here in JTV-land like I usually do until the wee hours to get some worthwhile photos of what, if any action, may ensue.

iJustine Travels and What Seems to Be, to this Author, a Conflict of Interest

But then again, this is lifecasting and the channel owners are going to mod their own rooms from what I understand from Emmett or Jacob — it apparently wasn’t important enough to encode so that I could remember the details. 😉 iMom is now a mod in the iJustine chat room. Hmmm…would you want your mom to be a mod in your room? I guess she will provide the protection Justine seems to want, but it seems like a strange conflict of interest or neoptism of the unpaid kind. Who knows. It’s not my room, it’s not my show, it’s not my worry, it’s just my curiosity.

Justine took us to Minneapolis this afternoon to attend the iPhone launch with http://www.technologyevangelist.com/


The AT&T store is on the left 5 awnings down. No one around on a hot summer afternoon.


It’s like an outdoor sauna here this week — sizzling

Gizmodo Comes to JTV and That Makes Me Very Happy — for One Brief Shining Moment [here ~ in ~ Camelot. Yeah, I know that was a tough reference to get, but I bet Codinome figured it out]


iPhone excitement in Sunny San Fran

I love gadgets. Like I’ve said before — long ago in one of my first posts, I have been waiting for the the past 10 years’ technology experiences since I was a very little girl during the 1964 New York World’s Fair in Flushing Meadows and my first glimpse of the Videophone and the Future Cars and more and any new toy, er consumer electronics catches my attention. So having a lifecaster that’s in tune with all things “gadgety” seemed like a great stream to tune in to. Unfortunately, the technology was not cooperating when I tuned in. They were out at the Mac store to check out the iPhone pandemonium. There were clowns and people walking all around for the few minutes the stream worked, but I gave up after giving it a try and after the guy that was hatin’ on me for “talking too much” complained about me. I liked MyNick’s comment — “It’s a Chat Room!” Uhhhh….helloooooo. Isn’t that what you do in a Chat room; Talk?!

Gentle_Giant_Jeffy puts the fun back in — er into JTV — Finally!


Terrifying, no?

So… I took a walk over to Jeffys room and it was great fun tonight. He was streaming YouTube song requests. While the broadcast of music sucks, it was cool to find songs and share them with our 2D friends in the GGJ room tonight. Jeffy did some cute graphic stuff as well, as you can see.


A little Allman Brother’s at Fillmore East and Whipping Post for our really bad streaming music pleasure. Gotta figure out how to make sound stream so it’s more comfortable to listen to. But it was fun to be brought back to the 70’s.


GGJ spices up the technology– or at least brings us to current day tech

Hats off to Gentle_Giant_Jeffy. I noticed his icon was posted when I tuned in this morning and thought he was pulling an all nighter. He mentioned that he was very tired last night because he only had 4 hours of sleep the night before, so I thought he was really pushing it. But when I got into the room there was a disclaimer crawling across the bottom of the feed. Very smart move GGJ. I haven’t seen this on any other feeds, so this appears to be a GGJ exclusive. While it doesn’t give us anything more to look at other than the disclaimer, for whatever reason it seems to be the right addition to the feed.

Indigophone and Digh Sparring Again?

I witnessed an interesting repartee today between Digh and Indigo. Indigo came in and seemed to be instigating or nudging Digh, but Digh wasn’t biting. Digh was actually responding quite nicely for a change. Someone asked Indigo if he was still a mod and his reply was that no, he is not. That Michael sent him mail stating they did not need his help any longer.

new-dishwasher1.jpg open-dishwasher.jpg bottom-drawer.jpg

Codinome — this one’s for you (again). Here is my brand-spanking new dishwasher to wash those dishes with the Greek and Moroccan dinners on. I can’t figure out the proper way to load the thing, but hey, the dishes are sparkling clean — finally!!!!

The conversation didn’t continue long, but there was talk about how immature and unprofessional the letter of what I will call a “termination of services” was. Indigo didn’t seem to have a lot of heartburn about it. Someone asked who would handle the chat rooms going forward and although I don’t really know what “handle the chat rooms” means in a literal sense, no one had any answers. I don’t know what Indigo was doing in terms of chat room technology or maintenance or whatever, but I would imagine Jacob is handling it now. Some thought that the fratboyzz simply don’t care about chat to worry about it, but I doubt that’s the case. Chat seems to be keeping this thing alive. Without it I am not sure anyone would tune in. The adoration of lifecasters and the obvious thrill people get when either the JTV crew or friend or a lifecaster spends time chatting with viewers seems to be the real draw here. When people realize one of them is in a room, whether chatting or not it becomes nearly impossible to follow what’s going on in the rooms with the amount of chat scrolling by, a clear indication of the attraction of this JTV feature.

Either way, it’s still a question of numbers:

  • What is the average length of time spent viewing?
  • How many people are really viewing?
  • How many unique visitors?
  • What are the demographics?
    • Age
    • Income Level
    • Geographic Region
    • Education
    • Computer Experience/Interest…

Unanswered Questions

These are the questions that will need to be answered when a salesperson calls or goes to see a prospect. They will not be satisfied with guesses or unclear answers. People are starting to get wiser about the need for clear research and numbers on a site when thinking about plunking down money to advertise online. Wall Street has been watching Ad Revenue closely for years now and positive results are a key imperative. I heard that JTV is looking for sales people on a commission only basis. A good salesperson, one with experience is going to want to know answers to these and many more questions and those that think it will just be good fun to be a JTV salesperson will find out quickly that it’s not easy, that it takes more than just a volume of sales calls, especially if they want their clients to be repeats. I don’t claim to be an expert at this, I just thought I’d throw out the obvious for people to volley back and forth.


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