Easing Back In

 Note:  I am not going to record this episode, but I do plan to get back to it tomorrow when I have a little more time.

JTV Re-entry


During my free time with no internet connection, I played around with a cool program — MacOSaix

It’s been four days since I’ve posted and only the 3rd time in eight days, so I will try to make this brief and on subject. Writing about JTV might be problematic though. I haven’t been viewing much at all since I took off for the left coast and have to be honest, I really haven’t missed the stress of watching the fratboyzz as they try to build JTV into something successful. While away, I thought about it alot. “What would I write about if I was going to post tonight,” went through my head often and strangely, the inspiration was not there. I could have written until my fingers were blistered about my travels and the things I got to see and do with my boys, but figured that is not what people are coming here to read about/listen to and once I realized I had not done any JTV vieweing, I had nothing else in my head to write about that would have been of interest to Justopian readers. So I took a vacation from Justopia for a while. So, while I was not experiencing Justopia, I was thinking about Justopia during my travels.


Codi my friend, this is for you — my sister and I cooked up a storm the past couple of nights — last night was Moroccan night. A tagine of beef — she doesn’t like lamb 😦

I returned home and houseguests were awaiting my arrival, which was nice but again, did not have time for JTV viewing. Hell, in the past 8 days, I’ve not spent more than 2 hours online in JTV-land and have had almost no real world TV viewing either. I have not experienced sensory overload in any way at all. To take from the infamous tee shirt slogan: Tan, Ready and Rested, Justopia is Back! — and with a lot on her mind.

Gentle_Giant_Jeffy Streams and “Screams”

Let’s start with Gentle_Giant_Jeffy. With all the new channels popping up at JTV it’s hard to keep track, but I tuned in the other night when I got a break for about 15 minutes and noticed the icon. I popped in and there he was, in all his grandeur chatting with his fans. Jeffy’s been a regular since the beginning. We’ve watched as he made a stop at the fratcave and laughed when he appeared, seemingly out of the blue, at the elevators after leaving that evening during a stream that was typical of Crystal Towers elevator broadcasts – we saw Jeffy’s face in freeze frame and he took a lot of ribbing about it. Jeffy held up through the chat punishment and we had another laugh when he made a honking drive-by appearance at Justin’s “Awesome Date” with SuperCW. GGJ is passionate about JTV or perhaps better stated, about lifecasting and took the plunge a few days ago.


For you again Codi — Monday night was Greek night — chicken with lemons and garlic and zucchini and feta fritters

I have not tuned in to get a good feel for what he’s really been up to, but at the moment he appears to be in a city garden tending to his tomato plants. I get the sense that he was making good on his commitment to take viewers on interesting outings, but I do wonder how long he will be able to keep it up. Jeffy, if you are just taking people on your normal day-to-day excursions, good for you. If you’re working hard to create interesting content, I’d like to know how long you can keep it up, keep things fun, interesting, dynamic, entertaining, educational, and more. Are you making plans for each day? Or are you just winging it and living your life? What a breath of fresh air, at least at this moment you are not sitting in front of your computer chatting with viewers and from what people were saying the other night, you were out and about, not just focused on chat and accolades like we’ve seen so often with other lifecasters.

Update: GGJ vents about Manx


Manx at the fratcave

Jeffy seems like a nice enough chap — sensitive, wants to be friends with JT-Viewers, willing to spend the time to put himself on camera and … is extremely passionate about the fratboyzz venture and seeing it succeed. This leads me to tonight’s episode with Manx. Manx made his way to northern California and had dinner with Norah and Jacob last night — or was it lunch? I’m not sure. He reported that they are nice folks and that he had a good time and would rather spend time with them than bother to go to the fratcave. But either he had a change of heart or digital “peer pressure” got the better of him and I tuned in and saw someone enter the Officecam and it seemed he was being introduced to the fratboyzz. We immediately thought it was Manx. Apparently it was and while I was listening I didn’t hear him say anything, although apparently Jeffy did. He said something about Manx making mention of the color purple — I am assuming he was referring to Jeffy’s channel background, but can’t confirm. And that was about it. He disappeared after that. Jokes were made about where he may have been, but it bored me, so I tuned out.


I surfed over to Jeffy’s stream and he was on a rant. Chat was flying and people were speculating about just what was going on with Manx. Some were saying he was just shy and to give him a break, others were as offended by what they saw as an unwillingness to speak to the viewers. Jeffy felt he owed viewers something — that he should have done some shout-outs and acknowledged the regulars that have been following this saga since the beginning. Me? I don’t really care. Manx is funny when he’s in chat. He’s witty and humorous and adds brevity to what is sometimes wild or tense discourse in the rooms and if he says hi to me or to us as a group — I just don’t care. Seriously, I don’t care. To each his or her own. Like a viewer having a cray interest in Emmett or someone that follows Justine to a place she is going for dinner, different people are what makes the world go ’round. And like it or not, it seems this will not go away anytime soon, so I just take it all with a grain of salt and move on.

But poor Jeffy — he blew through a bottle of wine and ranted on. I don’t know if his displeasure with Manx was the reason for making quick work of the vino or if it was just a night at GGJ world, but clearly, Jeffy was unhappy. I will tune in tomorrow and hope to see the fun Jeffy back in action. Jeffy, it’s just not worth fretting about. Manx had his reasons for going to the fratcave and may or may not have accomplished what he went there for and that was that and we move on. Tomorrow is another day and hopefully the sun will come up and with any kind of luck we will see lower gas prices, a plan for a quick end to the “war” in Iraq, the END of the Paris Hilton coverage, a new weather pattern that will ease the inundation of rain in the plains states, for those that want one, in just 24 hours a shiny new iPhone.

manx1.jpgViewer Acquisition Plans?

Back to my travels. While I was in southern California and Portland, Oregon I could not find a soul who had heard of JTV. I’ve been told no one I know has heard of it because I am on the East Coast, or because I don’t “run” with the tech crowd. Wrong. I just spent a week in California and Oregon with young 20 somethings (JTV’s presumed demographic) and the only crowd I’ve “run with” in the last 12 years is a tech crowd, so I’m not buyin’ it. JTV is just not on everyone’s lips. Justin and team, it’s time you figured out how to get the publicity you seem to desperately need. More streams, more spread out viewers.

It’s not easy obtaining new viewers. Broadcast television and the cable companies and internet service providers have been struggling with this since their inception. It doesn’t happen overnight and it certainly doesn’t happen without a plan and some solid strategy. Are you working on it in closed sessions? Are we to expect great change? We’re waiting.


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