Taking Flight

I am in the airport waiting for my plane to board and thinking that last night was one of two that I have not posted since I’ve begun this rant. I tuned in to see what was going on and at about that time the site went down. This was the first time I’d encountered what I will call — Total Failure. Imagine that, about 150 people logged into the site being met with 505 errors or other various notices and not a single piece of news about it — she said with biting sarcasm. When a major service with millions of simultaneous users logged in goes down it makes headlines. I guess JTV just hasn’t caught on yet.


As the Fratboyzz continue to add lifecasters leading up to the open beta launch on July 16, which I haven’t had the opportunity to hear Justin pronounce as an Auspicious Day — his birthday — in a couple of weeks, I hope we will see more stability.

In the meantime, I feel so much more relaxed having not spent much time at all on the site in the past few days. It’s a pleasure to not wade through the type of chat drama we’ve seen so often.

And finally, can someone explain the stats site?  It’s down at the moment, but last time I checked it, sometime in the last 3 days, it was still looking the same — cumulative stats.  Is the plan to just keep adding and adding until it blows up?  What good is a site with cumulative stats?  I suppose viewers get a kick out of it, but the Fratboyzz should consider doing something like this for the business — prospective investors would probably like to see actual stats.  It could help them when — IF — they go on sales calls.



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