Hatcam and Humble Pie

A lifecaster would have come in handy for me today. I landed at LAX on time after two uneventful (always a good thing) flights and as we were heading into the gate area we were told that we wouldn’t be going far, that the termina had just been locked down. To the right of the gate was the security area and it was at a standstill. TSA had just shut it down moments before we made our way off the plane. I was just watching what was going on and a police officer barked at me — “Move that way, you aren ot allowed to leave.” Ok, I understand … I was just standing and watching. So I moved a little farther down and saw that there was a staircase to the First Class lounges. I walked up the stairs and shot some video. I saw them escort a man out of the security area. He was not on handcuffs, but was not walking of his own free will. Had a lifecaster been in the termanl before the lockdown happened, we might have known what was going on. Video after the fact doesn’t help to satisfy the curious.

We waited for an hour as a few more planes landed and shuffled out to the concourse which was beginning to get rather full. One flight boarded and departed, but otherwise, the terminal was at a standstill. An Air France 777 with the luggage gear pulled up to the open door, but no movement. A catering truck pulled just about to a Northwest jet, but no movement there either. No one other than airport personnel seemed to be chatting about what was going on. I don’t know if it was fear or confusion. Eventually, we were told that TSA lifted the lockdown and we made our way out. The bonus? My son had identified and pulled my suitcase so by the time I got down to baggage claim, we were able to leave.

And now … I feel the need to post the recipe for Humble Pie. I don’t know if you’ve ever had to eat crow, but here is my JTV Crow recipe:

  1. 1 very verbose, cynical, sarcastic, sometimes arrogant woman
  2. 1 very sloppy apartment filled with 23’ish guys
  3. 1 disgustingly sloppy kitchen
  4. a smattering of flithy laundry strewn all over

Then visit your 21 year old son’s college apartment which he shares with 4 guys and realize that either of the two fratboyzzs’ apartments are like clean , sterile environments in comparison.

Holy cow! Can I just say that? HOLY COW! I guess that’s college living, but I don’t remember that part.


Taking Flight

I am in the airport waiting for my plane to board and thinking that last night was one of two that I have not posted since I’ve begun this rant. I tuned in to see what was going on and at about that time the site went down. This was the first time I’d encountered what I will call — Total Failure. Imagine that, about 150 people logged into the site being met with 505 errors or other various notices and not a single piece of news about it — she said with biting sarcasm. When a major service with millions of simultaneous users logged in goes down it makes headlines. I guess JTV just hasn’t caught on yet.


As the Fratboyzz continue to add lifecasters leading up to the open beta launch on July 16, which I haven’t had the opportunity to hear Justin pronounce as an Auspicious Day — his birthday — in a couple of weeks, I hope we will see more stability.

In the meantime, I feel so much more relaxed having not spent much time at all on the site in the past few days. It’s a pleasure to not wade through the type of chat drama we’ve seen so often.

And finally, can someone explain the stats site?  It’s down at the moment, but last time I checked it, sometime in the last 3 days, it was still looking the same — cumulative stats.  Is the plan to just keep adding and adding until it blows up?  What good is a site with cumulative stats?  I suppose viewers get a kick out of it, but the Fratboyzz should consider doing something like this for the business — prospective investors would probably like to see actual stats.  It could help them when — IF — they go on sales calls.