Flame Out?

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My Head Hurts


Balloon Reflection -- Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Festivities - October, 2001

Here I am, sitting back watching JTV and I am getting a headache from switching channels and IRC chat rooms. I can't find anything to keep my attention, so I run from channel to channel and it's not helping. Time for some headache medicine.


The Balloon Waiting for Tethered Rides at the Office -- Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, 2001

I tuned in when I returned home from my brief trip to New Jersey and finished unpacking and headed straight for the laptop and I was surprised to see another stream. I tuned in for a few minutes and Nick Douglas was walking around town. He ended up in a grocery store and this did not go over well with viewers. Complaints about how boring it was to go grocery shopping with him seemed to be popular and at that point I tried the other channels, but there was nothing to keep my interest.


Special Shape Balloon -- Officially Named the Monitaire -- A little Play on Words and Foreign Language

Where Have All the Regulars Gone?

I checked out the Peanut Gallery and there was one person in there. The regulars seemed to be spread out between channels or, simply not around and when I mentioned that I could not believe I was still at the top of the Chat Stat page for the Peanut Gallery, I was told that there hasn't been much chatting going on -- apparently not.


Early Morning Flight with the Sandia Mountains in the Background - Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, 2001

I tuned in this evening and again couldn't find anything exciting. I saw Justin and the crew doing a film shoot for Entourage and Nick was chatting with viewers who were thrilled to have someone to talk with. It seems to me that people are just not interested in this until someone that is streaming or a JTV cast member comes in and chats with the fans. It's as though people consider these lifecasters or JTV creators and employees actual talented celebrities and if they interact with us, they are put on a pedestal and adored. I don't get it, I just don't get it.

Waiting for Interesting Streams


Packing Up After the Ride - Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, 2001

So far, none of the lifecasters seems to be terribly successful (except, perhaps, Parris, but I can not confirm this fact) so I am at a loss as to what would make their lifecasts interesting? I think there are some viewers that have been anxiously awaiting the Dr. Doug feed to catch some MLB excitement and would like to see Barry Bonds break that record, but we haven't seen anything from the MLB guys since last week when they had the meeting with Justin during the Chronicle interview. Hopefully the bit about signing the contract wasn't a show stopper, but anything is possible in JTV-land, isn't it?


Commemorative Balloon Fiesta Boots -- Going Away Gift as I Departed for Bangalore, india and Another Adventure

I am trying to understand how this is going to work when the platform is open to anyone that wants to stream? How will we decide who to tune in to? Without schedules or a summary of what to expect other than very vague and general information and current updates to the schedules, what is there to draw viewers and to keep them tuned in?

I am quickly running out of something to write about. My muse is failing me -- the inspiration is almost dead. Seeing regulars flit between streams and rooms tells me that I am not the only disenchanted viewer.


The New Mexico State Balloon Shot While en Route

What is the Plan?

Justin, Michael, Emmet and Kyle -- your concept seems to be withering on the vine. It's time to do something to kick it up a notch. Yes, you have added streams, but they are not interesting on any long-term basis. Yes, you are going to open it up to the "masses," but I would imagine it won't be anymore interesting or technically sound than what we have today. I checked out ustream and there are too many choices and without some real time spent looking around to determine what would interest me, it doesn't seem worthwhile. What will make JTV any better?


Balloon Fiesta Pilot's Jacket -- Gift from the Crew

Flame Out?


The Night Glow -- The Balloons Don't Fly, But They Look Incredible Light Up

The more streams/channels, the more diluted it all appears to get. I find the same problem with broadcast television. I tend to watch the same channels day in and day out. We are creatures of habit by nature, it takes something of interest or importance to get us to step out and try something new. Justin and team, PLEASE do something to grab my attention!


Not My 30th Journey -- My First, but the Jacket Was a Gift from the Crew


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