Taking a Break

No Time for JTV

I’m up at my parent’s home in New Jersey, the home I grew up in — spent my first 18 years. Staying in my old room, sitting around not doing much, but also not spending my days and nights online and not seeing much of Justin.tv and the crowd in the Peanut Gallery or any of the other rooms. It’s nice up here, lots of trees and vey few cars in this suburban neighborhood

I feel more relaxed, but a little out of touch with my virtual life at the same time.

I popped into the Peanut Gallery for a few minutes and it looks like there’s some drama with Parris’ feed — the will he or won’t he broadcast anymore and there are a couple of new feeds and Justine’s room still commands the most chatters while the other rooms are down to a paultry few “fans.”

I’d like to see this bu.bi.licious guy, but I am supposed to be a normal person that doesn’t spend her days and nights online, so I am hanging out in my room without the sound on. LOL

Here is a shot of a gift I picked up for my dad when I was still living in Argentina last year. He still golfs and I thought it would be fun to get him this replica of one of the cows in the Cow Parade, but … do you notice anything about this colorful cow. YES! It’s a COW! It was not the bull parade! I was the COW parade and all of them are, of course, female. It wasn’t until he unwrapped his early Father’s Day gift and I took a look at it and saw the strands of “pearls” and the pink visor that I realizied and we all had a great big laugh over his Father’s Day gift — a female bovine playing golf!! Cute 🙂


“Udderly Putterly”

A slideshow with many of the Argentine Cow Parade Cows — I don’t remember their titles anymore, but they were all appropriately titled with Cow references like the one above.

[rockyou id=72998411&w=400&h=300]

And now I am going to go back to relaxing — without JTV. I hope to be back home by Thursday evening and back into the comfortable position on the couch paying attention to the droll happenings in Justin’s wold once again by Friday.

I suspect there will be a lot of JTV happenings, or non-happenings to catch up on then.


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