Chat Stats, Speed Dating, Stuttering Streams and Aquariums, Oh My!

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I began writing this post last night, so please bear with me as we span about 24 hours of JTV time.

What do the Numbers Tell Us?

Does anyone else think there’s a message in the fact that Justine and Dez take the #1 and #3 “Most Talkative” slots on the page?

The flight to Atlanta was a good change of pace. I wonder if Justine was antsy since she could not spend time in chat? She’s in the hotel now — I left before she started broadcasting again, although she was on the ground according to the flight tracker — and is in bed chatting with fans. I suppose she’s tired. She got up at about noon or possibly 1pm, went to the airport for the 1.5 hour flight, got to Atlanta, apparently had dinner and then decided she had an early day so she got into bed. Well, the fans love it — she was in a sleeveless tee and little shorts. Enough to get the hormone raging teens in the room crazy.

Following Justine from Pittsburgh to Atlanta

Assumptive Selling

It’s not the London Bridge, but he couldn’t sell that anyway and it’s more location appropriate — Summer, 2000

Justin took us speed dating last night. It was an hour and 45 minutes of, “I am broadcasting MY life 24/7,” and “we are rolling out new lifecasters,” and … blah blah blah.

He was pretty courteous, not a mensch, but nice enough to ask each woman if she minded being filmed. He needed an assumptive sales pitch not the “Do you mind if I film you? You can say no, I don’t mind, it’s not a problem.” And with that, all but 2 woman of the 18 said no. We could hear his comments and most of what the women had to say.

The most interesting part was the validation that he is not as well known as he and so many of his fans believe. One in 18 knew what was. He had met her before. Not a single woman knew otherwise. He fled from the event as quickly as he could when it was over and lamented on his walk to Crystal Towers to meet the guys that the whole thing was anoying — having to explain what he was doing to everyone and that almost no one had heard of him before. He walked away grumbling.

Stuttering Streams

By the time I got online this morning — 10am, Justine was up and about. She was on the convention center floor with an associate having the booth set up. She did her part — sat around and chatting online — while Jeremy put up the booth. The stream was horrible, and I don’t expect it to improve while she’s down on the floor in Atlanta. This technology is just not ready for prime time. It’s like 1996 and the first consumer digital cameras. They sucked — really sucked, but I could not stop buying them. And one day, voila, what came to market were cameras that we could use and have instant gratification. Wonderful quality, of course not, but useable? Yes. I think we are at that 1996 point with Lifecasting. One day we will wake up and the technology will be where it needs to be to make the experience less than frustrating, something to want to bother logging in for, but today, it’s like watching a television with rabbit ears. You had to get them just right to enjoy the television viewing experience. Top that with a lifecaster that is more interested in watching herself and chatting with her viewers and this could be something that takes off. Today, it’s pretty much a dead bore and one that just does not need to be.

My view on the way to work in the Philippines — 1999

Justine flew 500 miles to a different city. She’s in a large city with a variety of things to see and to do, but she was at a complete loss when Jeremy asked her what she wanted to do next, after the booth was set up. They had hours to kill and she could think of nothing to do. Now, I’m sitting here confused. She most likely signed up for this conference or booth, which, by the way is never an inexpensive proposition, some time ago, received the schedule, and could have made plans in advance. Maybe she just got the gig, I don’t know, but in any event, she had at least a couple of days to figure out what kind of schedule she’d have there. Jeremy pulls out an extensive brochure which notes that the trade show was not going to begin until 5pm. It was a little after 11am as they left the convention hall and they were clueless. They walked outside and were greeted by a hotel employee asking if they needed help or a car. They declined help and walked away and decided without a plan, they had no idea what they were doing. So they went back into the hotel, up to their rooms and Justine was back online.

No, you are not surprised, but perhaps disappointed? We finally get away from behind her computer and the coffee shop and have nothing to do on a sunny Sunday afternoon. She and Jeremy decided to go to brunch and although I’m not sure, it seemed that perhaps it was Jeremy’s wife that joined them.

They went downstairs to brunch and were greeted with wonderful Southern hospitality by the hostess who asked about Justine’s camera and this woman seemed to get it . Perhaps she watches and was playing Justine. Her comment, once Justine mentioned she was streaming live to the internet was something to the effect of, “Oh viewers don’t see you, they see what you are seeing, that’s cool.” Any votes on whether she was purposeful in her statement?? 🙂

Iguazu Falls, Argentine Side Looking at Brazil — 2005

Brunch looked pretty awful. I have a thing about major US hotel chains. I’ve always preferred a much smaller boutique hotel experience, but when pressed, my choices are the Shangri-La or the top tier Oberio Vila’s resorts. I just haven’t had similar experiences with the Hyatt, Hilton, Marriott chains stateside. So … the buffet in the hotel restaurant looked miserable. Overcooked scrambled eggs sitting in steamer trays, a waffle iron to make your own, which Justine had a real problem with. The cooking spray was there for a reason and you have to cook the waffle fully or it just won’t come out. She pulled off as much as she could and then left the rest in the iron and closed it up. Nice for the next person — burned up remains of the waffle, but at least it will come out at that point.

I have no idea if she finished all that stuff on her plate

The stuttering stream continued and I left for a while out of frustration. When I came back Justine was — yes! Back in her room in front of her computer. She finally decided to go to the aquarium and it was a great decision. She got through without any problem and actually, more southern hospitality. And there she is … walking around, but I have had enough so I am back to chatting and as always, the conversation in the Peanut Gallery is far superior to anything that we hear in the streams. This afternoon, since we’re at the aquarium, it’s turned to SCUBA diving. Some of us are divers, others are not, but we found something in common to chat about.

Explanation not needed

Tank cleaning time

Final Thoughts for a Few Days

I am going to dinner and a movie tonight. One that I am looking forward to very much — it’s titled Once. It will also be nice to have interaction with another human being again. Wow! Three days in a row. I must be making progress. I think this movie will be just what I like — something to think about with some good teary moments.

And then … I am heading up to Jersey for a few days and won’t be online much at all so I won’t be posting again until later in the week. Someone else might just get the opportunity to overtake my ridiculous chat stat lead. If so, I will feel like I may be on the path to recovery. The first step is acknowledging I have a problem, but I have no idea what the next one is, so I am going to head off and look up 12 step programs and see what I can learn. 🙂 Surely there is a need for a 12 step for some of us regular JTV viewers.

If you click on the image it will bring up the fill size and you can get a view of the comment that was captured for this stat generation — it’s a sad commentary on my life at the moment.