Justine Takes Flight

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s Off to HOW We Go

Justine is attending the HOW Design Conference (http://www.howconference.com/) in Atlanta and left this afternoon. I have to hand it to her, she did a great job “taking her fans” on the trip. She had the camera turned off and was chatting with us while she was sitting at the gate. She told us she was afraid of getting in trouble, so she turned off the camera, and that she got yelled at for stacking two laptops together in the bin at security. I would imagine the “new and improved TSA” agents did not yell at her, but when it’s busy at the airports you can get a guy or gal with an attitude.

Anyway, when she said she didn’t want to turn the camera on in the airport, because she didn’t want to get in trouble, I told her Justin took us through security, put us in the exray machine and kept the feed going until they got up in the sky and the fratboyzz transitioned the feed to the frathouze.

Tax’ing out to the runway

She said she had not seen that. That she was not able to watch for that trip. So, I don’t know if it was kindness to the viewers, the total addiction to streaming and chatting or a real competitive drive that got to her, but she set up the camera and we waited in the not so bustling Pittsburgh airport for her flight to board.

We are heading down the runway to takeoff

She boarded and told us she had to turn off the camera/laptop, but then, a surprise, she was back in business — sreaming live from her seat. It did not sound like she had a seat mate — no chatting with strangers as she would normally do, but she did point the camera to the window. We taxied out to the runway and were with her through takeoff. I don’t think we got all the way to cruising altitude, but it was a great expeire none the less.

Ive got to give it to Justine — whatever posessed her to overcome her fear of getting in trouble and gave us the opportunity to take another trip — free, wihtout the hassle of the airport experience, it was wellworth the time checking in to see what Justine was up to this afternoon.

And we’re Up! Up! And Away! She couldn’t see the broadcast to check camera angle, but we must have been about 5000 up in the air at this point — and then the feed was cut. Check out the Planecasting tip and you can go along for the ride.

I am sitting on my balcony, watching the world go by and soaking up the sun, which we were told this week though still harmful to our skin in large doses, may be helpful in preventing cancer because it creates vitamin D which we all know is good for cancer prevention. I am looking pretty damn pasty and figured I could use the help of a little color in my still somewhat freckled face. Off in the distance is Dulles Airport, my take off point for distant lands. I can sit in one of the comfortable chairs and stare off toward planes taking off and landing and think of the places I’ve been and imagine those I’ve yet to explore. All is right with the world.


2 Responses

  1. Oh wow.. Great entry. If it wasn’t for you, I probably wouldn’t have turned the camera back on! Justopia is my hero.

  2. And … it’s not likely I will always be your hero, but turning it back on was great.

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