Movie Imitates Life and the MLB Story

This morning a friend IM’d me and we went to lunch and a movie at the last minute. We saw Knocked Up. No! It’s not a chick flick — it has laughs for everyone and wow, did we laugh. I am sure that when we got to the part about the guys sitting around their filthy pigsty of a house, doing bong rounds, half-heartedly working on the launch of their website and the Ben Stone character mentioned that he was a Yale graduate as part his justification for it being ok to live like a slob with no income putting together a website for pervs, the belly laugh that came from me was strange in deed. Does something sound at all familiar about this movie? I don’t want to ruin the movie — be a spoiler — but I will say that although the subplot is not that important, the viability of the business venture is at risk for a familiar reason.

Penguins in the Beagle Channel, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

It was a good afternoon out, but I came back to Justin, Justine, Parris and Wild doing not much of anything. I tuned into Justine and she was at the coffee shop — again. Boring. I tuned into Parris and nothing — hat cam on the floor or a table and ambient noise broadcasting. I tuned into Justin and he was at Costco returning laptops. I left to make dinner and a while later and when I came back a while later Justin was in an interview at the fratcave. They were talking about the MLB deal. This is my understanding of the way the thing is going to play out. Justin is going to have Dr. Doug, the extreme baseball fan wearing a hat cam and waiting for Barry Bonds to break the home run record. Dr. Doug has apprarently caught a number of balls and was featured in a documentary — this is going to be part of the sequel. Dr. Doug is going to live at Pac Bell ball park and will have access to everything. I am not a baseball fan, but it could make for great television.

Village Outside of Hong Kong

Justin was being interviewed in general until Dr. Doug walked in and they were talking about all the details of We heard the usual — how he came up with the idea, wearing the cam 24/7, changing the platform a couple of weeks ago, getting someone more interesting and attractive to look at than himself by bringing on iJustine and how Justine’s traffic is overtaking Justin’s. They moved onto the business of opening the platform to anyone on July 16 — Justin’s birthday, which he never fails to mention is an auspicious day, and the various shows they are going to be launching as that date approaches, including a Mexican music industry camera. All this looks like it’s going to make for very interesting viewing.



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