Movie Imitates Life and the MLB Story

This morning a friend IM’d me and we went to lunch and a movie at the last minute. We saw Knocked Up. No! It’s not a chick flick — it has laughs for everyone and wow, did we laugh. I am sure that when we got to the part about the guys sitting around their filthy pigsty of a house, doing bong rounds, half-heartedly working on the launch of their website and the Ben Stone character mentioned that he was a Yale graduate as part his justification for it being ok to live like a slob with no income putting together a website for pervs, the belly laugh that came from me was strange in deed. Does something sound at all familiar about this movie? I don’t want to ruin the movie — be a spoiler — but I will say that although the subplot is not that important, the viability of the business venture is at risk for a familiar reason.

Penguins in the Beagle Channel, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

It was a good afternoon out, but I came back to Justin, Justine, Parris and Wild doing not much of anything. I tuned into Justine and she was at the coffee shop — again. Boring. I tuned into Parris and nothing — hat cam on the floor or a table and ambient noise broadcasting. I tuned into Justin and he was at Costco returning laptops. I left to make dinner and a while later and when I came back a while later Justin was in an interview at the fratcave. They were talking about the MLB deal. This is my understanding of the way the thing is going to play out. Justin is going to have Dr. Doug, the extreme baseball fan wearing a hat cam and waiting for Barry Bonds to break the home run record. Dr. Doug has apprarently caught a number of balls and was featured in a documentary — this is going to be part of the sequel. Dr. Doug is going to live at Pac Bell ball park and will have access to everything. I am not a baseball fan, but it could make for great television.

Village Outside of Hong Kong

Justin was being interviewed in general until Dr. Doug walked in and they were talking about all the details of We heard the usual — how he came up with the idea, wearing the cam 24/7, changing the platform a couple of weeks ago, getting someone more interesting and attractive to look at than himself by bringing on iJustine and how Justine’s traffic is overtaking Justin’s. They moved onto the business of opening the platform to anyone on July 16 — Justin’s birthday, which he never fails to mention is an auspicious day, and the various shows they are going to be launching as that date approaches, including a Mexican music industry camera. All this looks like it’s going to make for very interesting viewing.



More of the Same and Travels to India

Note: If you’d like to listen to this episode, please click on the link below:

Nothing New

Today was really no different than the others. I logged on and chat was pretty quiet. It gave me time to sit back and catch up on mail, read some news and just see what was happening in the real world — in general. Soon the regulars came around and we got into some interesting discussions. We talked about the world of Justine and the freaky, over-blown drama with her coffee shop escapades and the aftermath. The room was in turmoil when she was off the air, whether by design or by technical difficulties, no one knew for sure, but it was enough to get her adoring fans in a twirl. I wonder if Paris Hilton’s got this wrapped up when she was put in jail or did any of the stupid things that put her there — or perhaps, when she complained about the rash she picked up while there? Lice perhaps? Bed bugs? Crabs? Jail is not a 5-star hotel, but that is for another blogger to fret over and for the talking heads on CNN to argue over. Entertaining television.


Elephant in Udaipur

“Justine and Dez Are Alive!” — yes, people actually said this — And More Mod Talk

This morning there was talk about Justine’s freak out, but we were tired of it all, so we let it go. Talk moved to normal things. What’s wrong with the mod program on JTV and questions of whether it’s a good idea to have moderators using a single name to both participate in chat and to moderate. There was also discussion around whether mods should have assigned rooms or be mods across all rooms so that they can be called into any room when things flare up. You know my position on volunteer mods — I’ve written about it ad nauseum, but … if a mod is going to participate in chat and be silly and sometimes outlandish or even throw their views/opinions around and then go into mod status, how does that work? The easy solution would be to give mods Mod names so that they can go and play in one name and mod in another. We don’t even have to know the identity of the person behind the mod name. We’ve seen this many times — it’s totally subjective — when a mod doesn’t like something a chatter is doing, it’s their own subjective opinion at this point — we’ve yet to see those clearly defined chat rules, so everything is at risk for kicking or banning. I am boring myself with this argument, but it’s intelligent discussion and warrants a conclusion. Someone, please stop the madness!

Today was a good day in the real world — lunch and dinner out with friends. Not countless hours online watching the rooms and sometimes watching the streams. Emmett helped with the IRC problems with having to authenticate whenever we change streams tonight. Thank you Emmett. For those that read this and are still having that problem, there is an easy solution — create a name for site chat — I am using JustopiaWeb. I don’t pay attention to site chat or attempt to chat there. It’s just a function of the way the platform is set up. Now I can change streams whenever I want and JustopiaWeb goes with me in the site and Justopia does not get kicked out of the IRC rooms. Yaaay!

Kemp Fort Rabbit

Kemp Fort Shopping Mall Rabbit — Bangalore

Cranky Justine
I decided it was another boring night — more Justine being tired and cranky which leads her to be arrogant, sarcastic and snappy to the chatters. I can’t say this is good for viewer retention, which it seems Justin and the crowd are concerned about, but it’s their ball of wax to smooth out, so I’ll leave that to them. As the days go on and Justine spends more and more hours in the stream watching herself chat with viewers and not “getting her work done,” she seems to be getting more and more cranky. It’s not attractive and it’s pretty damn off-putting.

Whenever I’ve tuned into Parris recently he’s been off air. I tuned into TexasBoots and he was a nice guy, but I had missed his outing, so other than a little introduction and some questions and answers, there was nothing more. I am not interested in watching the Wild guys. I was tuned into Justin, but that turned into the usual guys doing business growling, so I gave up on that as well. The growling was about Tips — should they spend time working on it, is it worth it? Do we really care about it? Do viewers really care about it? Jeez! Just do it! Don’t sit around talking about it all the time.

Children in Udaipur Market

Happy Kids! Udaipur

Plan! Plan! Plan!

Make a plan – get MS Project, have an actual Project Manager make the plan and STICK TO IT! Set up some SMART goals — Sustainable, Manageable, Achievable Realistic and Timely! Old school? Basic? Does it work? YES! Just Do It!

Ahhh…got that off my chest.

More Travel Channel

I decided to head over to the Travel Channel once again. I knew that 1000 Places to See Before You Die ws going to feature India so I was extremely interested. I gave up on the show after the first couple of episodes — too touristy, too pedestrian for me, but I know I have had opportunities that others do not get so I thought I’d open my mind, pull the fangs back in and give it a whirl again tonight.

India Calls

Ugh, it was disappointing. But ONLY because I’ve been to all the places they showed and felt there was so much more to see of India. They focused on New Delhi, Delhi and Agra. I could feel my shoulders tense up when Albin was in the sari and salwar shop with Melanie and was resistant to trying on or purchasing a Kurta Pajayma set. Give me a break! For both pieces it was going to be all of $14 or something close? Melanie got a beautiful Salwar set and Albin finally gave in. He looked great in his cotton Kurta and admitted to feeling great wearing it in the 90 degree heat. The thing that pissed me off the most — they were walking around Delhi in shorts and tee shirts! Now, this is traditional India — where the hell are their producers? Don’t they do ANY advance work? Don’t they do the research necessary to inform this couple what is respectable and what is not?? Legs are just not acceptable out in public in the places they were visiting. Yes, even men’s legs. I was glad to see their guide telling them they needed to go buy some clothes to cover up. So they did, they felt good and moved on.

Then it was time for a delicious Indian Tadoor meal. A Tandoor is a clay pot that is used to make the most delicious tandoori chicken and naan — bread. Albin was looking miserable — he said he has never liked Indian food, but with the first bite he was in love and surprised. So, he made a vow to try it again back home in the US. Albin, good luck finding a great Tandoor in Denver. Maybe it exists, but you know the food of a country is rarely as good as when you are actually there.

Taj Mahal Sunset

Taj Mahal

Historic Sites

They visited the important sites — Humayun’s Tomb, the precursor to the Taj Mahal, the Qutb Minar, the tallest brick minaret in the world and is a UNSECO World Heritage site, the market in Delhi and the new Upscale market in New Delhi and then it was on to Agra and the Taj Mahal. They must have been there at a very busy travel time, because they were joined by scores of people for the sunrise visit to the incredible monument — one that is a show of amazing love from a man to his wife (one of many) 22 years after her death. They had the typical Wow! moment and were shown around by a very informative guide and that was that. They made great introspective comments about having the ability to see the world and to experience a beautiful country of many contrasts and to and take away lessons that seemed to help with their own personal growth — not something many us have the opportunity to experience — especially on someone else’s dime. But they did seem truly moved. The biggest eye opener seemed to be that in a country with such overwhelming poverty, as they put it — such a raw country — that a monument to love that is made of such exquisite materials as the Taj was a real eye-opener and a great contradiction.

These are some night scenes and a daylight view of my daily travel to and home after work in Bangalore. Usually harrowing, always noisey, and never — ever — boring! 🙂

I have made a slideshow on RockYou which has some of my India photos — many of them I have posted in various blog posts, but the show inspired me to put a bunch of them together here. A little break from the drama, the boredom, the usual recipe at JTV.

[rockyou id=72331447&w=400&h=300]

Now, if you’d like to try your hand at Indian food, I am posting two of my favorite recipes to make. Yes, they take some stocking up of items for the spice cabinet that many of you probably don’t have and can take a lot of time, but believe me — are well worth the experience cooking.

I am particularly fond of this guy’s Rogan Josh recipe — It’s basically a lamb curry —

This rice dish is wonderful too — Rice Pilau or as we know it … Rice Pilaf, Indian Style. — this is my very favorite cooking site. The videos are extremely helpful.

If you feel the need to just save time and not try your hand at these, many local supermarkets are now carrying pre packaged mixes which are basically big spice packets or pastes — you add liquid and the meat and you’re done. Williams Sonoma carries some good products for this as well, but I am a food snob and prefer to make things from scratch from fresh ingredients. I find it cathartic to spend time in the kitchen.

Enjoy the food and the photos and when we come back to JTV tomorrow, maybe we will have some great news — that Justin is going to launch a stream of someone taking a trip to some far off, exotic place for a month who will take us along for the ride. ::::Fingers crossed!:::: 🙂