¡No hay nadie!

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Broken Feed Woes

I’m not sure why I expected something different today. Perhaps it was because I woke up earlier than usual, much before I should have after having gone to sleep at 5am. But I trudged over to the couch, opened the laptop, hit the power button and logged into Chat, launched the site and nothing. Chat was happening, but the feed was not — on any of the four channels. Nothing, ¡No hay nadie!

Not a single feed. Nothing to watch, nothing to debate about, nothing to lament about, nothing to yell and scream about … nothing. ¡no hay nadie!

So, what is a person to do? No worries, a reg or two were there and were doing their part — calling the FratCave. The Feed Busters were doing their part to save the day — using the super secret, never to be divulged FratCave private line. I don’t know, I have this image in my head of a red phone with a blinking red button that flashes whenever a call comes in, because it’s the FratCave hotline. It’s reserved for the most dire of circumstances — a Feed is Down!


Lighthouse in Beagle Channel, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina/Chile — 2005

Showing Them the Way

Well, the ladies called, and they called again, and nothing. ¡no hay nadie! One reported that the phone was turned off. Turned off?! How can that be? This is life or death! People stay up all night, wake up at the crack of dawn, get their daily fix before work, check in after getting the kids fed before school, and it goes on and on. Don’t the FratBoys realize that this is serious? They are putting people’s emotional health and daily productivity at risk?

So, we waited and we “talked” and we lamented over the lack of a feed on any channel — from East Coast to West Coast, nothing but darkness. It was a tragic time. Silence, darkness. The ladies tried again. Nothing. ¡no hay nadie!


Bhaneragatta Game Preserve — Bangalore, India — 2002

Finally after about 1pm EDT we had feedage. Shew! A stand down at mission control. No need to call out the National Guard. No one was hurt, no one was dying. It was just a matter of crap technology. Whew! Not a national disaster, but to us, tragic.

Later in the day I was minding my own business, participating in chat, not really watching anything because the feed was, of course, down more than it was up. I did have it running in the background waiting for something to happen and all of the sudden I hear Justin. He was in the kitchen. It was a mess, but what did I expect, they’ve been living there more than a week. No reason for it to be clean, it is THE FratCave afterall.


Window on the World — La Boca, Buenos Aires — Argentina — 2005

The next thing I hear is Justin talking about the feeds being down this morning and getting calls about it. I tipped it — it’s called Who called us — when? And it’s timestamped 12:15. When I click on it, the broadcast is pulled up at 10am — nice how this tips thing works so well, isn’t it? Anyway, you have to tell it to go to 3:00 and just wait, you will hear the conversation. Justin talks about how Jacob (I think) said they got called really early by someone whose name was unintelligible, saying something unintelligible. He talks about different times and picking up the phone, but basically talking to someone in his sleep and how they were all so tired and busy since they were up until after 3am having a heated debate or argument and sounding like the calls were such an interference — such a nuisance. What a hardship. You create a technology company that needs constant monitoring if it’s going to stay up for the “fans” and it’s just too much of a bother. Who are those viewers anyway?

The important thing is getting more lifecasters to run on a network created with popsicle sticks and superglue sitting in 60mph winds. Who really cares? ¡no hay nadie!


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