The Cone of Silence

I was here all day and nothing happened. Mostly, there was silence from Justin’s room and a lot of the same from Justine’s stream until the afternoon. She went out and picked up a coffee and the next thing I knew she was someplace (not sure where — a house or studio or office?) with a guy from filming. I think they were doing a Ustream broadcastk which came as a surprise to some in the JTV offices, but it was cleared up once they realized she was not doing the broadcast on Ustream herself.

We were thrown into the Cone of Silence for hours today as they had their meetings and as the broadcast went down.


What I want to know is — who is The Chief and where the hell is Agent99? At least there we’d have someone kind of normal if we had Agent99 around.

Word on the street is that tomorrow is the launch of the Parris Harris stream. Justin was on the phone with him earlier in the day and the poor guy is really not computer literate at all, so Justin sent his brother to help him. Hopefully things will go well, because to date, the streams have been less than viewable since the launch of the iJustine cam.

This is what it says about Parriss at

Designer Profile: Parris Harris of Punk Mail USAA

April 3rd, 2006

Designer isn’t the only occupation on Parris Harris’ resume–fashion event organizing is also his forte. Whether he’s directing models to strut in that certain way, figuring out the budget of his next fashion show, or designing and constructing clothes, Harris is innovative and funky. Although his designs are out there, we definitely appreciate his ability to think outside the box.

The funny part of the evening was when Justin was desperate to get Parris a new camera and at 5:35 pm he was on the phone trying to find a CompUSA. Now, I don’t know about you, but I read months ago that CompUSA went belly up and was closing all of their stores. They closed the stores around here. He called the number he found listed and was angry that the number was disconnected. He tried to find a Best Buy or anything he could in Hollywood and at one point he got through to someone at Office Depot (I think) and he offered the guy $100 to let him buy one on the phone and have him leave it outside the door. He was getting very excited, but then the broadcast tanked. What’s new? There’s drama and no video or audio.

When we came back he was running out the door with Norah — there was a fire down the street and they were running like a couple of ambulance chasers. It was action packed — for Justin TV anyway. It was a restaurant fire and a patron that was having dinner when the fire broke out was happy to chat with Justin. She was talking a mile a minute with her cute Boston accent. I would imagine she was just working off the fright of the fire breaking out. She did say she finished dinner and paid the bill before the fire broke out. Good news, no one was hurt.

While things were going on I made a great dinner and I thought — let me capture this on camera. Here is a shot of the finished product and then a video as I went to finished product to plating. Yummy!


Thai Chicken, Yang Chow Rice, Sliced Cucumbers with Ginger Dressing


Almost done

And finally, I don’t know that it means anything more than the fact that I excell at typing and am verbose and very inquisitive, but I was the number one chatter for the day — or 4 days or the week — who the hell knows. But anyway … see it for yourselves. A sad state of my life — #1 in Peanut Gallery 1 chat.