It’s Time to Get Some Relief From the T&A Talk. JTV, Take Me Away!

Note: If you’d like to listen to an audio broadcast of this entry, please click on the link below.

Once Again, Drama Rules Chat

I know that I should probably give Justine more time. It took weeks before things settled down with Justin’s stream and we all found “our place” here, but I am finding the inconsistency with the broadcast from Justine and the defender’s whining and snappiness a real drag. It’s a shame that Justine chat needs an arbiter, but it appears that is the case. The tension in the rooms today was palpable and not fun to be around.

However, Justine did something fun today — she met up with a local politician and took a Duck Tour — you know, one of those funny looking vehicles that can go on land or in water — and toured around Pittsburg a bit while talking to the guy about his plans and how he’d like to be on camera 30 minutes to an hour every week taking people around Pittsburgh. He said he would take people to parts of Pittsburgh they had no idea existed. Ok, I don’t even want to ask, but … it could be very intesting.


Monk at Monsoon Palace — Udaipur, India — 2003

Alternatives to Boring Streams

In chat tonight Christa Witmer — you may know her as SuperCW — you remember her from “Awesome Date” with Justin — was being prodded to be the next lifecaster. I for one would love to see that — I have been around the world, have lived in amazing places and cultures, but haven’t been to Hawaii — yet — and would love to get a real time look at the place. She could take us to see some great stuff and more importantly, to experience the culture of the islands. While it’s still the US, it’s got to be very different with the diversity that is Hawaii and what better way to not only entertain, but to educate people than to show us Hawaii in a lifecast?

On the other hand, right here on the mainland, there is so much I’d like to see. Take me behind the scenes in a restaurant, not a highly produced and scripted cable network broadcast, a lifecast. Follow a member of the waitstaff in an expensive restaurant so we can see what it’s really like — do they talk about the patrons, do they make any faux pas that would not be expected in an expensive establishment? I’d like to go to a farm when it’s harvest time — I don’t care what fruits or vegetables are ready to be harvested. I’ ve just never experirenced it aside from going to a small farm in Maryland to pick fruits and vegetables for my family and myself. Going behind the scenes of a Broadway play or with a flight attendant as he/she travels across the continent or to some far off land to see what a day/night in the life is truly like, from their perspective would be interesting. Washington, DC and many many other small and large cities have incredible museums that many will never get the opportunity to visit. Take us there. Take the idea offshore and the prospects for interesting broadcasts are endless.

Lying Buddah Closeup

The Reclining Buddah — Bangkok, Thailand, 2000

Lifecasting should be more than chat but we are in the early stages of this realtime broadcasting genre and in this first iteration, Chat is the hot button, what has so many of us hooked. With the end of the 2006/2007 school season, the kid factor is becoming more apparent and I believe having more interesting topics and a diminished focus on gender and appearances would make for a smash hit on JTV. The demographics today seemed to be in the mid-40 range and the conversations for a large part of the day were more than talk about T&A. While that has it’s place, having a choice — alternatives to T&A channels woud be a welcome change to some of us.

There is so much to see and to learn about. The internet used to be called the information superhighway, let’s not stop at the on ramp.


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