Giving Up

I have had it.  I can’t get into IRC with my nic, only as JustinFan### and I am about at the end of my rope.  We get notice on the fly and partical instructions.  What these guys don’t realize is that not everyone is an IRC pro.  It’s like the early days when the tech support reps thought that anyone that had a question, that didn’t understand an instruction was a bumbling idiot.  Days when they believed these callers were less than educated and less than worthy of using a computer or of being on an online service and would pretty much tell them this.  Those days ended long ago — once the companies realized that the people that were calling were actually their meal ticket, their paycheck and that rather than pissing them off they needed to make them happy.

Well, JTV is not a paying site, no one forces us here or keeps us here, but to some, it has become a place we like to be and to visit as repeat users and frustrating us or forcing us to leave is not the way to gain the confidence of potential or current investors.  They will shrivel up and die at some point.

I know that there are some — or at least 1 JTV regular(s) that think I am too critical, that I should love everything the frat boys say and do, that they are the most clever, intelligent, hard working guys that have ever engaged in a start up, but I will tell her that she’s blinded by some kind of unnatural love for a group of guys she has never met, guys that she thinks are impressed by her “interviews.”  They are interesting guys.  The are attempting to do something that could be big one day.  They are also unaware of how to cater to their customers or since we actually are not customers — no registration, no payment, no commitment on our part — to their fans.

It’s a shame.  I am hooked because for now, I am using what goes on at JTV as a place to get some inspiration, as an outlet for me to write and I need more time with JTV to finish what I am doing here.  I need to see more so that I have a beginning, middle and end that can be put between to covers.

For now, what I have is simply a beginning and if I don’t work through the IRC debacle frustrations, I might be skipping right toward an end without any middle.  The makings of a very short, very uninteresting book.

Cross your fingers for me, I’d like this to work out.



Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, I think it’s nap time


Welcome to Lifecasting, iJustine

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What Did iJustine Think Her Participation in Lifecasting was Going to be Like?

I’m confused. iJustine flew out to San Francisco, put the hat cam on for a day, entertained us all and left with the plan to be one of’s first Lifecasters on the new platform. Time passes, a lot of talk about iJustine strapping a camera to her head and voila! launches this week — Tuesday, to be exact. That all makes sense in some strange Web 2.0 era way, but why then doesn’t she realize that she’s going to be stalked, criticized, given advice, badgered, adored by some, hated by others? Did she take on this new role as a lifecarester without really thinking about what it would be like, without asking Justin about his experience, without spending time in chat to see what she might encounter in chat once she let everyone in on her life?


Look of Surprise on Tiger’s Face — Bangalore, India — 2003

Apparently not. After less than two days of this, chatters seem to be getting under iJustine’s skin. She’s bristling at some of the comments and snarking back to defend herself. While some comments are uncalled for, I’d say when a person puts themselves out there for the world to see and there’s a chat room running next to the video, anything’s fair game — Straw Hair, lip gloss, pink sweat pants, and all. The viewers are the ones you need to cater to, not bark at. It seems that she likes to spend her day watching herself and hanging out participating in chat. The most effective way of not letting viewer comments get to her would — and this is just a wild guess — be to stay the hell away from the rooms. Just put the hat on your head, go about your day and let it be.


What’s all the Fuss About Wearing a Hat-Cam? These Cows’ Horns are Painted and You Don’t Hear Them Complaining, Do You?! Bangalore, India — 2003

Hat Hair Phobia?

In the car today she was having a tough time keeping the hat on the dashboard. She was adamant about not wanting to wear the camera on her head. No surprise, she seems to worship her hair, coarse and scraggly as it is (bad Justopia! Bad bad bad Justopia!) and I’d imagine the covering it, or disturbing it with a cap is just not an option. So like I said, I’m confused? Why is iJustine the first lifecaster on Justin’s new platform? Why did he think she would be more entertaining? Is it the fact that she’s a woman? She had an encounter with a viewer, a fan that she met last week, but apparently has no recollection of meeting. He showed up at a bar she and her sidekick went to and attempted to entertain viewers, although it seems that testosterone levels of the viewers is far too high for a guy to get much in the way of acceptance from the room. He was doing his best to get some attention, but people weren’t buying.

The Challenge to Use 5 of the Scripps National Spelling Bee Final Round Words

I left to make dinner while they were on their way home from dinner and drinks and when I got back, I was pleased to find that there was something far more entertaining on TV — the Scripps National Spelling Bee. Yes, you’ve heard of it — Spellbound and Akeelah and the Bee, Bee Season. Great movies about a contest that pits kids against each other to see who can come out the winner of a spelling bee that uses words, most of which are only in the unabridged dictionaries of the world, that are not only extremely difficult to pronounce, but would have you doing an oberek in the middle of the JTV living room amongst the slimy green cyanophycean with a cilice strapped to your leg and a fouchard in one hand and a fork laden with pappardelle and tomato sauce in the other if you came were crowned the winner. Watching the Bee made me feel repentant for spending the entire day slogging around in JTV world. While I still can not spell most of these words without help, I do now have an enhanced vocabulary which would never be the case if I had not opened my viewing habits to something other than Justin and iJustine. Thank you ABC and the Scripps National Spelling Bee for not letting my mind totally rot tonight! Thank you for allowing me to see that I could have an interest in something other than a totally self-absorbed, really uninteresting woman and her sidekick.


Pappardelle with Tomato Sauce


Representation of Men Fighting with Fouchards




This Cilice Has Got to Hurt!


And We’ll End With a Colorful Sight of a Woman Dressed in Full Oberek Regalia