Day 2 of

 Note:  I have not added any photos to this post — I did not find anything that related.  Tomorrow I will have to push myself to take the time to transfer some of my older photos so that I can have something to break up the text with.

Welcome to Day 2

Today was day 2 of I woke up at the crack of 6 wide awake and thinking it was dinner time. Jetlag performing very well, thank you. I decided that rather than rolling around in bed trying to make myself believe I had the ability to doze off to slumberland and sleep until a more reasonable hour like the Justin and iJustines of the world, I would get out of bed and start my day. I don’t know what I was expecting to see today. If the first day of iJustine and the Office Cam were dismal days technically speaking, I’m not sure why I thought today would be any better. All three feeds were down — down — down until about 11am EDT. So that made 5 hours of Chatting with no broadcast. As we’ve seen before, when the broadcast is down, chat falls into the toilet, and today was no different. There were pervs and people with anger management issues and a few that wanted to have adult conversation. No! Not the XX kind, the, I’m a grown up and want to talk about things that are relevant to life in the real world type of conversation.

Justine seemed to fall into the Justin schedule easily – she was up and at’em at about 11am EDT. I didn’t stay up with her all night, but some claim to have been up with her until at least 5am, so the late rising makes sense. The last I saw of her, it was around 1am and she was in a dark bar. It was loud and boring and not very visible, so I posted a couple of entries and went off to bed.

When I came back later in the day talk went ancient history on us once again — it turned to the Ann Curry interview of the early JTV days. There was division in the room — those that believed Ann Curry was “mean” and should have treated Justin with more respect and have been kinder and gentler, and more enthusiastic about the JTV project and those of us that agreed that a journalist or an interviewer does not owe any special treatment to the person being interviewed — no matter their age or the innovation or the goal they are working hard to achieve. Yes, everyone deserves to be respected, but to have prepared Justin with the questions, to have coddled him and to have given him special treatment would open the floodgates for future interviews.

The Ann Curry Debate Again?

Who would decide which interviewees should be treated with kid gloves? Should it only apply to young people that are working to make a place for themselves in the world and to get a god start in their adult life? Should the person that the network or the interviewer is not interested in be treated with indifference and with less preparation and research into the topic? Does the special treatment meter cross into hard news reporting?

It was mentioned that Justin is “the first person” to successfully strap a camera to his head and stream 24/7. The reaction to this was not unexpected — how is Justin the first? I recalled the days in 1991 when Wolf Blitzer was streaming live as the Desert Storm began with missiles zinging in the background via video phone. Since that day we began to see live video phone broadcasts from breaking news venues world wide. It was crummy quality. Apologies by all of the networks that were using this technology for the poor quality were a part of the broadcasts and came to be expected, but we were happy to have access to the things that were happening in the world live, as they were happening. Earthquakes, bombings, wars, royal marriages, presidential outsters, and more were becoming part of our daily television viewing. This was the beginning of live streaming video and while it wasn’t a 23 year old Yale graduate and his buddies with a bottle of super glue and crossed fingers engineering something never before seen, it was exciting and news worthy and a sign of what was yet to come.

Justine Working Through Chat

Justin and team are getting themselves together. They’ve got new streams going, but they are down more than they are up and the question lingers as to whether people will put up with failing technology with no end in sight, but for now, the viewership appears to be increasing, although it’s likely from the iJustine fan base. Her fan base will likely spawn regular viewers that will stick with JTV even if/when Justine decides she’s had enough of this. Her feathers seemed to be ruffled this evening, but if we think back to the early days of Justin, he was often cranky and lashed out at the viewers too until his skin toughened up. There is hope for Justine, but she’s got to get out from behind the computer and watching herself in chat all day long. It’s a narcissistic, it’s a bore and it’s just plain not interesting.

Tonight ended up with a fun trip down memory road and a movie review — All time favorite movie? All time saddest movie? All time funniest movie? All time scariest movie? It appears that the people in the Peanut Gallery tonight were members of the over 45 club, but it was fun. It was a much easier time to be in the Peanut Gallery than it had been earlier in the day.

I close here, hoping that the technology improves tomorrow, but don’t hold out hope. It’s important to learn not to be overly optimistic here.

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  1. Thanks for your regular postings about JTV. Since I’ve started to read Hamster’s and your blog, I’m not in chat on JTV as much and I was a regular from the start! And if I don’t sign into chat for 2 or 3 days, read your blog, I notice I really haven’t missed much.

    Love your photos!

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