A Birthday and a Would-be Birthday

Note: I’ll be brief — fighting a headache — dehydration from spending 18 of the last 36 hours at 35,000 feet. For an audio version of this post, please click on the link below.

Hmmm… interestingly enough, the link to the podcast is not showing up, but if you click somewhere in the blank area it will pull you over to YouTube where the video resides.  Technology …

Today was the birth of the all new iJustine and JTV Office cam streams and while these are interesting milestones, the more important milestone is the would-be 90th birthday of a man that had a monumental impact in the pre-internet era on people in this country and beyond.


Justine follows Justin’s approach to sleeping the morning away

As I sit here comfortably on my couch, contemplating the summer TV lineup, flipping lifecasting channels between Justin, the office and iJustine, I am posessed by the question — What if? What if John Fitzgerald Kennedy has not become president? What if he had not promoted the race to space, campaigned for equal rights, created the Peace Corps? Among the good, there were also numerous not so positive events during our 35th president’s life/term, but if he had not been president, a man with a vision of technology and the early days of globalization, would we be be here, laptops perched in place, watching ordinary Americans going about their daily lives with cameras strapped to their heads streaming live to the internet?


Unfortunately there were problems with the feed most of the day

Contemplating the Past — Future

A purposeless question, one without answer, to most JTV viewers a question about a man that is nothing more than a chapter in a history book, but one that plays a part in our heads usually on November 22 each year as we commemorate the anniversary of the tragic day he was gunned down while sitting in the back of the car winding it’s way trough the Dallas streets with his wife, the exotic-looking Jacqueline Bovier Kennedy, the Governor of Texas, John Connaly and his wife, gunned down by a lone (or possibly more) gunman/gunmen who cast a pall on the psyche of the American public.

Today, while waiting for something interesting to happen in JTV-land, I am encouraged that although Justine’s stream is flat-out boring me to sleep on and off as I struggle through jet lag, there are people out there with the inclination, the drive, the creativity and enthusiasm to try something new, to be the first, or among the first as technology drives to new heights. As JTV gives brith to the enhancement of the platform, with others like blogtv and Ustream out there battling for a place in lifecasting history along with Justin and the team, part of the what if is answered.

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