Tropical Trials and Tribulations and Gets Kicked Out of Another Event

JTV and Jetlag — a Combo to Avoid

I made the mortal mistake of submitting to extreme exhaustion after my 27.5 hours of circuimnavigating the globe to the Philippines. I fought off sleep for a while, but gave in at 9pm. The result, I was up and wide awake by just after 1am. So it’s now about 5am and I am still awake and wondering what time my body will give up tonight. In the meantime, it looks like I am going to have to take a side trip tomorrow — to the beautiful tropical island of Cebu. I won’t be staying on the beach, but thought I’d post a few photos of my last trip there. Depending on how the day goes tomorrow, I will shoot some more Cebu scenes. The frat boy laziness rubbed off on me and I only carried my very small point and shoot, so I don’t have many options to play around with zoom and exposure and stuff, but I will capture what I can.


The water in Cebu is as clear as glass


The beach is like none I’ve seen before. It’s a bit of a pedicure experience to walk on as it’s made from ground up bleached coral, but the beauty is unparalleled



Ok, we’ve had our little tropical interlude, now it’s time to get back to! — Not Wanted Here

This week Justin attended, or attempted to attend The Producer’s guild event and was told that he could not broadcast. The Producer’s Guild of America is a type of Trade Association whose members are involved with all aspects of producing in TV, Film and New Media. Justin was there on a “meet and greet” expedition and was told that he could not broadcast. He had no option but to walk away. I think he was pretty disappointed — his free food radar was activated and he couldn’t consume. He left and went to a bar and it became the usual boring JTV bar event, so I left and went back to getting ready for my trip.

Today the only thing on the calendar was “Deal Maker Party,” and although there was no logo or explanation I don’t think this is the event he just got kicked out of. He took a cab to a warehouse looking venue, met a few people, one of whom told him he is boring the other who told him he is not a good looking guy and then was told he could not broadcast. He walked out, called JTV frathouse headquarters and decided he was going to have to “sell out” because he really wanted to attend the event. Now, we still don’t know what the event is, and why he wanted to attend badly enough to flip the broadcast to the frat house and are watching Jacob doing whatever he’s doing on his computer. Possibly making the site “better,” possibly just hanging out in chat defending Norah from the evils of Peanut Gallery 1.


He just told the room that he’s working on fixing the archives, and while that makes some very happy, the question I have is — why is there the need to spend so much time fixing things at JTV?!?!

Emmett’s Back, but is Everyone Happy?

Since I’ve been gone Emmett has come back from vacation or his trip or whatever it was and I find he’s still as annoying as he was before his trip, however, having the static cam on the frat boys enables us to hear him much more clearly and that is just plain annoying. His know it all, I’m smarter than you speak makes me want to jump out this window!

This is the vew from 33 floors up and it’s not so attractive, especially on a very hot, humid and hazy Manila day so it’s an even less enticing thought. I think I’ll go get ready to head out now that it’s almost a resonable hour of the morning — 6:43am.





5 Responses

  1. Haha! I found this post, “ Wanted Here”, when I googled myself. Those days feel as though they happened eons ago!

  2. Hiya Norah!

    Yes, those days do seem like they were eons ago . It’s actually funny to note that this particular post was written 7 months ago. In Internet years, that is a very long time. In JTV years it is an eternity — well, for those of us that can’t seem to peel ourselves away.

  3. hey! filipino pride!!

  4. what’s the name of that cebu’s beach???

  5. @Rita It’s at the Shangri-La Mactan Island. This is the place:

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