Jet Lag and JTV Putting Me to Sleep

Well, I am fighting the horrible effects of jet lag this evening after having landed after 27 hours of travel yesterday.  If I were to go to bed now, 7:30pm, I would surely be awake again by midnight and that would be for the day/night.  We are 12 hours ahead of you here in the Philippines.  I learned upon landing that the call for a doctor when we landed in Guam was due o multiple heart attacks.  Philippinos arek own for something called Chismis and I would imagine that the multipe heart attack account is a gross exaggeration, but seeing how many people were boarded in wheel chairs, even one heart attack doesn’t surprise me.

As expected, it’s very hot and humid — never a good hair day in he Philippnes, we figure out how to deal with the mop of curls.

Well, rather than rambling on here and having to backspace and correct the multitude of typos I’m making out of sheer exhaustion, I will end here.

I’ll write more and add phones soo,



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