Justin.tv — a Web 2.0 Sticky App?

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What Are You Stuck On?

Back “in the day,” everyone was talking sticky apps — those programs that stuck to people, that people were stuck on, that were all the rage. It was email or instant messaging, maybe Mapquest, Moviefone or … Chat! Yes, Chat! Whether it be IRC or client based chat, the thing to do online was hook up, connect, converse with people — and more.

We’re half way into 2007 and I’m wondering, what has changed? If you’re here, you most likely got here by way of JTV Chat, and if not, I commend you! Really. Hat’s off to you! It means someone told you about Justin.tv, but you didn’t get sucked right into the addictive world of JTV chat. When I saw the first local news piece about a 23 year old Yale grad with a camera strapped to his head broadcasting his life 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, I never thought I’d get sucked into the world of chat. Ohhhh…if only I’d known.


One method of transport in the Philippines, 1999


Surely I’m not here for the 60th straight day of my JTV life for the excitement on camera. There’s got to be something else that’s compelling me to tune in for countless hours everyday. What I am stuck on is — Chat! Yes, the thing that stuck me to AOL 14 years ago and I have fear to my very core. I fear the inability to disconnect from this addiction. I remember the days when I would find myself online all night and morning until it was time to get in the shower and head to work. I walked around in a zombie-like haze most days and came back home to do it all again.


Pineapple vendor outside of Clark Airfield, Pampanga, Philippines 2000

I don’t want to live that life. I’ve done it already and have graduated to life in the real world. But for the past two months I seem to be spiraling down into the depths of that app that changed my life. It drew me into the confines of one of the biggest Best New Things of the Web1.0 era and I am going to have to be strong to resist, I can tell.

What’s not to like — today we discussed all manner of things — geography, sports (futbol/soccer), computer science, home decorating, culinary arts, sex, world news … well, someone wanted to discuss world news — the problems in Lebanon today. Even McArthur was mentioned tonight — well, ok, I mentioned McArthur in passing — I said I’ll be back and realized it was like McArthur’s “I shall return” quote when he was in the Philippines and I was tickled because it was almost a scripted joke since I am flying to Manila in the morning.


Manila skyline sho fromt Antipolo, 2000

Which is a perfect seque — I won’t be posting for a few days. And if I do, you should be suspect. I will have extreme jet lag and have no idea what will fall off my fingers onto the keyboard. I am going to bring at least one camera with me, so if I have a high speed connection I may just post a few words and upload some photos. I am getting sick of my photo library and it’s so tough to figure out what include in these postings. I try to make the photo somewhat relevant to what I am writing about, but it’s not working very well, so I will shoot while I’m away and try to think of JTV and the usual goings on around “here.”

Cheers and I’ll see you from 1/2 way around the world!