Does B2B = Beer 2 Beer for Justin?

In 1906 a devestating earthquake rocked San Francisco and nearly shook it off the map. As I recall learning in school, the fires were worse than the shaking and it was hard to believe the city could be restored, but the devastation did not wipe out the city nor her loyal inhabitants.

Many events were created as a way to rally support and to raise funds to facilitate the rebuilding of the city. One of those events was the Cross City Race which was first run in 1912. Now the race, sponsored by ING is called the Bay to Breakers race and is run from the Embarcadero to Golden Gate Park. Seems to me that it would be from the Bay — maybe near the bridge to the ocean, but I am just plain not familiar enough with San Francisco to know. Feel free to comment and make this entry a bit more useful. 🙂


This woman bears a striking resemblance to Jocelyn, don’t you think?


Justin is always in his element when someone like this guy with a camera is interviewing him

Justin On Time?!

When I tuned in this morning Justin was just waking up. I was shocked. It was still morning for him and it was looking like he was going to be on time! A real first. I can’t say if he was on time or not, I had other things to do, but I think he may have been. Will wonders never cease?

I expected to tune in and see them all sleeping peacefully in their new, clean apartment, but for whatever reason the site loaded and there was our boy twisted beneath the comforter with the screen printing of the girls on it. I know they purchased furniture at Ikea, but perhaps they didn’t stop by their nice, colorful linens department? There was a comment made when they were bringing the furniture in that they purchased a housefull of furniture for under $5000. But of course, they have to put it all together — it is Ikea furniture — some MDF and hardware and voila, they will have new frat furniture. Not my cup o’tea, but then again, I’m not a 23 year old just starting out in life in need of someplace to NOT put my clothes away after I wash them every 4 – 6 weeks or so. I am not sure if Justin purchased a dresser, but he surely doesn’t need one. He’s so good at pulling dirty clothes out of the hamper or whatever that thing is in his room and throwing stuff on the floor.

I was thinking, is there the slightest chance that the frat boys get this sudden desire to live like adults? I’m just asking.

Bay to Breakers — Fun on the Way to the Finish Line

Justin met up with someone — Ariana perhaps? and the next thing I knew, he was in a bar. I think he was in there to find a bathroom, but there was talk about him needing the pit stop after all the beer he’d consumed. He was slurring his words and acting kinda wasted, but the audio was not good and the video worse, so I’m just guessing

I didn’t stick around long enough to see if he made it to the finish line, but it appeared that he called someone and made a plan to meet them for a pick up before he got to the end.

I came back to JTV and Justin was sound asleep. I assumed he was sleeping off his athletic…er alcoholic morning. He eventually woke up and more of nothing ensued.

At one point, Michael was making his usual — the viewers are idiots kind of comments and a little joke was planned. Justin’s brother donned Justin’s shirt and the hatcam and Michael said something to the effect of, “The sound’s not on, let’s see if they can tell it’s not Justin.” I made the mistake of saying it was Jacob who at that point came around the corner and said he was not wearing the cam. Michael shouted out, “Victory!” I then realized it was Justin’s brother wearing the “Justin Costume.” Ok fine, who the hell cares? They sent little Justin on a food run and he complied like a good little boy. He came back with only 1 smoothie and Michael was disappointed, but Daniel pointed out the fact that the list they made for him specified only ONE smoothie at which point Michael said, “Ok, you win.” I guess he has a competitive bone somewhere in there, eh?

There’s something about Michael enjoying making everyone feel like they are an idiot that irks me even more than Indigo playing dictator with the banning powers.

No Dinner for You!

The weekly dinner that was noted on the schedule was apparently not another home cooked meal. I just assumed (wrongly) that these weekly dinners were going to be at someone’s apartment each week. Tonight they are in Chinatown enjoying a Sunday night meal. I see Norah and an Asian woman (a friend of Daniel’s?) and Daniel. I don’t know if anyone else is there. Justin thanked someone for the meal — I am thinking it is Daniel’s friend, but can not confirm.

Perhaps he is saving his money for new sheets and towels?

Well, I am off on a trip and do not think I will be able to post anything until sometime next weekend. If I don’t get any JTV watching in during my travels, this blog may take a different twist. I will have a camera in tow and may give you my own non-streaming lifecast. I’ll post photos and comments so if you care to keep up, check back here sometime on Thursday. If I can get a WiFi connection in Japan on my layover, I may post a little something on Wednesday morning.


The Entrance to the Shangri-La, Makati, Manila — and it truly is Shangri-La


If all goes as planned, this will be my view on Wednesday night (morning in the US)


I don’t plan to go here this trip, but Cebu is a beautiful tropical island in the Philippines

Cheers all!