Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness in JTV Chat

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All’s Fair in Love, War and … JTV Chat?

Wow! I feel like I’ve been reborn. For the past week to ten days I’ve been passive, complacent, uninspired here at Justopia — the Blog, but this evening I have had an awakening! I’m back and with a vengence. Chat etiquitte is not easy to understand, and for many it is even more difficult to adopt, adapt to or to abide by but … determining who and when someone has stepped over the lines of whatever either the posted or assumed guidelines are is not only a monumental task, but one that requires planning, management and moderation of it’s own.

What we’ve had going on with JTV chat, as I’ve written about twice in the past 60 days is not only not very well planned for, is not very well managed and appears not to be moderated at all and that’s what I have ranted about before in this forum of self-expression as well as in a couple of pieces of mail to the frat boys, but which seems to have gone unnoticed.


Lincoln Memorial — April, 2007

Today it takes a different turn — a personal one — which I will detail tonight, but I need to start at the beginning of what infuriates me most about the events that ocurred in Peanut Gallery 1 tonight. Someone came into the room with the name of a regular and began spewing terrible racist slurs. This person had just been in the room saying how good she was feeling and seemed to be in a very upbeat mood. It was pretty clear that the person behind the screen was not the name holder. My first assumption after the thought that someone was using her name was that perhaps someone was cloning the name — you know, using lowecase letter L for an uppercase I. With the name JILL for instance it’s entirely possible to use 3 L’s. JLLL. — the font used in IRC or chat makes the difference in the uppercase I and L almost unidentifiable. I mentioned this in the room and our friend and guy of much debate and circle walking when at the frat house told me that in this chat cloning wasn’t possible. I suspect we have different definitions for the term cloning in this context so I replied back with a description of what I meant and was told that anyone that believes you can clone in JTV chat is retarded. Yes, the word retarded was used.

Inappropriate Labels

Now, I could take personal offense to the term itself, but I know that teens will be teens. The lexicon of American youth is not only deteriorating, but it is regressing. We used those words when I was a kid and that was decades ago in a world where we were all more sheltered, more naive and much less informed. When I was in my late teens, early 20’s, San Francisco was the epicenter of what most of us wanted to be … the place to go and live in peace and harmony and with flowers in our hair. Ok, I was a bit too young to have wanted to live that way, but it was all the rage and the stuff great songs were crafted from. I think we’d all like to live in peace and harmony, but it’s not happening out in the real world and is certainly not happening in Chat.

Today we have kids in chat with the power to moderate behaving like children with shiny fake police badges, and just like some of our real authority figures some of our chat moderators fall into the pits of a power play. Today the perceived power reared it’s ugly head in the form of an Indigo ban and the double standards that he seems to live his life by affected me. That doesn’t make me happy.


Washington Monument — April, 2007

After we had our little to clone or not to clone intercourse, GentleGiantJeffy made this statement:

[17:26] <Gentle_Giant_Jeffy> I totally beleive Indigo was Jenn just now and he banned the IP to be a “hero” and act like he doesn’t pirate nick’s even though we all know he does.

This did not go over very well with our friend and poof, Jeffy was gone. He attempted to come back, but was promptly banned again. I mentioned this and was told quite pointedly that it is “against the rules” to come back when you’ve been banned (spoofing an IP or a nic are not allowed he says) and that as the administrator of the chat server, he has the right to ban whom he wants and when, and that Emmett will back him up. Ok we know that already. Clearly it’s happened if the kid is allowed to continue to be part of the JTV team (whether on staff, on contract, paid or not, he’s a part of the team). If any part of the claims made by a couple of the female regulars are true — that he exposed himself in unsolicited private video messaging, then it’s apparent that the JTV team leaders are either struggling to understand how to be leaders or they simply don’t care.


Jefferson Memorial — April, 2007

Cleaning up Chat

What I find most interesting is that Michael has told us that he wants to clean up chat because prospects are being scared away by what goes on in the rooms, and he was looking for suggestions, for help in ways to get it cleaned up, but the first step is to clean up your own house. And while the house they are physically living in is a filthy pigsty, the house I am talking about here is their business house. There appear to be no standards of business conduct. There is nothing that anyone has to adhere to, so why should anyone in chat? I see only the following in terms of Chat rules:

  1. Moderated and Fan Chat Rules: Don’t spam, don’t insult other users, and don’t maliciously attack anyone. Let’s make chat a welcoming place for everyone.

Nowhere do I see anything about not spoofing names or IP addresses or coming back into chat after a ban. Am I missing something? Am i supposed to read minds? Have I missed a moment of JTV when additional rules have been mentioned? I do believe these need to be included, and as I’d said before, without clearly defined guidelines JTV chat is open to anything and and anarchy will eventually rule. Am I a total IRC neophyte that just doesn’t understand what the rules are out here? I know I’m not an idiot. I know I have common sense, that I live by a code of ethics that prevents me from being rude, inflammatory, crude, or vicious in chat or anywhere else for that matter, but I am also able to discern between people that have other’s best interests at heart and those that are looking out for number 1, just for themselves. For some very odd reason, one that I’d need a psych degree to figure out, I need to understand what makes someone like Indigo transform into a despot, a tyrant, an oppressor with dictatorial tendencies.


Executive Office Building — Washington, DC April, 2007

Chat is the Life of the Party

Whether Justin and the team want to acknowledge, Chat seems to be the glue that holds JTV together — the one thing that keeps the “regulars” coming back each day and night and the feature that could be monetized if only some time and effort would go into it, rather than delegating moderation to people that are unscreened, are not watched and are absoutely not managed.

I’ve said in the past that I won’t get into the middle of a he said/she said debate or take sides, but since I was the one who was called, albeit indirectly, a retard, I am shouting about it tonight. I think I am heading out on a trip this week to a land where a dictator once ruled, but by the power of the people not once, but twice their dispicable leaders were removed and exiled. Indigo has his Al Haige moment this afternoon — his “I’m the channel administrator and I’ll do what I want” kind of “I’m in charge moment and that scares me. If this is young example of the leaders of the future, I truly am afraid for my future, for all of our futures.


Our Flag Waves Proudly at the Washington Monument — April, 2007

The long and the short of it — there should be no rulers in Chat. There should be no volunteer or low paid moderators. I was serious when I said this in previous posts and in mail to the team — self moderated chat is a bad idea that could cause an impolosion in the venture and after seeing a few regulars leave, I believe the JTV crew needs to rethink their methods. I have heard them say that Chat is not going to make bank for them, but if they can’t control this crowd of people that come back day in and day out when there is little to watch in the life of Jusin Kan, I’m not sure what they think bank will be made on.

I’ve included excerpts of today’s conversation below for your review:
[17:22] <tomdeez> was JENNIFERC chatting as herself today
[17:22] <indigophone> You won’t be able to use other people’s nicknames for long.
[17:22] <decoff> Bye dave
[17:22] <jason45> hamburger justin JKanStyle
[17:22] <indigophone> So I hope they enjoy abusing it while it lasts.
[17:22] <manx> neva heard of him…he must go in those other rooms
[17:22] <Deborah> Indi, that is great news.
[17:22] <davy> and sincerlky all are great
[17:22] <davy> sincerly
[17:22] <splat> he was here last night sharing his sexual exploits with us
[17:22] <justopia> why indigo.. people can clone names
[17:22] <kali> i didn’t think it was possible to use someone elses id
[17:22] <splat> unfortunatlely
[17:22] <indigophone> justopia: why?
[17:23] <soupnazi_> indigo: pm
[17:23] <manx> you go ingdigo

[17:23] <indigophone> justopia: Gee I wonder why justopia

[17:23] <justopia> use an l for an i
[17:23] <StrikerZero> My guest is that Justin and five or six people going to live with him in their new apartment
[17:23] <justopia> there are a few letters that can be cloned
[17:23] <indigophone> justopia: Only a retard would believe that though
[17:23] <justopia> it’s a problem
[17:23] <justopia> ok indigo. you are calling me a retard?
[17:23] <justopia> nice
[17:23] <lizzie_> justin invited him last night.he apparently offered his services to do anything to help them early in the game.
[17:23] <indigophone> I didn’t call anyone retarded.
[17:23] <indigophone> And this conversation is over.
[17:24] <Matt__> indi is the retard 😛
[17:24] <splat> no retards…developmentally disabled
[17:24] <Matt__> Jk Brian
[17:24] <justopia> well, i believe you can clone a name
[17:24] <manx> indigo has

Yes, he spoke yet the implied accusation that I am a retard does not go away.

[17:26] <indigophone> !ban *!*
[17:26] =-= Mode +b *!* by ChanServ
[17:26] <Gentle_Giant_Jeffy> I totally beleive Indigo was Jenn just now and he banned the IP to be a “hero” and act like he doesn’t pirate nick’s even though we all know he does.
[17:26] <justopia> not out of the question jeffy
[17:26] <splat> daniel is wondering why his folks made him come visit
[17:26] <justopia> not out of the question at all
[17:26] <indigophone> !kickban Gentle_Giant_Jeffy
[17:26] =-= Mode +b *!* by ChanServ
[17:26] =-= Gentle_Giant_Jeffy was booted from by ChanServ (No reason given (indigophone))
[17:26] <justopia> i love chat logging
[17:26] <indigophone> Oops
[17:26] <indigophone> I hit the wrong button

[17:35] <sharp> you got bored
[17:35] <manx> you said that already
[17:35] <Matt__> Indigophone /ingnore on GGJ
[17:35] <yourmother> lol a lover with to much love
[17:35] <star07> this wind is killing me
[17:35] <Matt__> be a big boy now
[17:35] <lizzie_> all this stuff is harmful ro jusrin
[17:35] <indigophone> He will be unbanned when I feel like unbanning him or when someone else unbans him.
[17:35] <Matt__> and grow up
[17:35] <indigophone> That’s the end of that.

Until he FEELS like it? Wow, I know JTV is not a democracy — it’s a private (no IPO yet) business, so they can run it as they wish, but if there’s an expectation that they will continue to have a viewership, eyeballs that they so desperately need in order to entice advertisers and even VC’s, I am not sure having an autocrat in a decision making position.

7:33] <splat> indigo is a mod?
[17:33] <manx> well then how are you allowed to do that
[17:33] <justopia> i haven’t had anything that pisses me off enough to write a decent blog post about in the past 7 days…tonight…it will be on a flame
[17:33] <lizzie_> who is here then?
[17:33] <indigophone> I am the admin of the chat server. And I think Emmett will trust my judgement when I ban somebody.

Yes, we realize that, your judgement will be trusted. How comforting.


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