JTV is Hypnotic


Old Buddah – Hong Kong, 2000

And not in a good way.  I arrived home after an uneventful flight (thank god!) and after unpacking, went straight to Lobby 1 and JTV.  Wow, what a bore!  I am actually falling asleep.  I almost feel as though I have been hypnotized.  Maybe I have been.  Perhaps that is the reason I come back here day in and day out?  I wonder what the word is — the post hypnotic suggestion — that triggers me to go to Justin.tv and irc.justin.tv?

Earlier in the day there was a schedule entry for and appointment to sign the lease but — surprise surprise — they didn’t get that accomplished today.  I was 35,000 feet in the sky at the time, but heard Justin say something about how they “didn’t make it back in time.  I suspect he may have gotten delayed picking his brother up this afternoon, but that nothing more than a guess, so I won’t claim it to be fact and frankly, I  am too tired to check the archives.

I wonder how the new landlord feels about them not signing today?  It does have a financial impact on a landlord, but how knows what he/she is thinking.   I wonder if the landlord has ever tuned into JTV?  He/she would have to expect a delay.  Can you imagine being Justin’s landlord?  I’d worry that if I’d ever get paid.

Livin’ Not So Large


Hong Kong Island, 2000

At dinner tonight with Kyle, Daniel, Jacob and Norah, Justin was talking about his financial situation and as he was asking people if they had cash to pay for the burritos and he was trying to figure out if they could charge it off to Kiko or JTV, he mentioned that he only has $123 in his bank account.  Someone in the Peanut Gallery of course was astonished — “But he’s making all the money from his sponsors, he should have lots of money.”  You know, what might be most beneficial from all of the time spent watching JTV would be a Business 101 tutorial.  For all the wasted hours here, people that don’t have a clue about how things work in the real world might be positively impacted by a little class on things like — What needs to happen in order to draw money from a corporate business account — even if you are the President or CEO or CFO, etc.?  Can a corporation actually survive by taking in kind trade — products — in lieu of money for advertising?  How many reeboks, cans of Bawls and sunglasses does it take to pay the rent this month?

Ohhh, if only it was that easy to reap the rewards of a business that consists of sitting on your ass 60% of the time, sleeping 30% of the time and going to parties and getting drunk the othe 10% of the time.

Silence is Deafening on Justin.tv on an Anniversary


No need for a caption here, is there?

I walked in after a really exciting day in the real world to JTV and no sound. I thought, what in the world? It’s 9pm on the West Coast and the sound has been muted? Wow, this is out of character for the Frat Boy and his team. After checking with the room, I panicked. I thought I was having an unusual problem that perhaps only affected people on a MacOS, but that didn’t make any sense. I worried for a moment that I’d fallen off the face of the earth.

Fin del Mundo

Fin del Mundo — End of the World — Ushuaia, the southernmost city on the planet December, 2005

So, I pulled out my headphones, put them on and low and behold, there was ambient noise. Apparently we are watching a really boring night at Crystal Towers. While I don’t really get a thrill from seeing them go out to a bar and hearing him repeating the same eye… eye… eye… speech (good lord I think we could all deliver the “Creation of JTV” speech in our sleep), it would be better then this silence. The interesting thing is that even chat is quiet tonight. Without any activity in the frat house, there is nothing for the viewers to rattle on about and nothing for people to argue about or get on each other’s case about.

Why is No One Talking?

The silence was about as deafening as the music at the restaurant I had dinner in when I was in the real world tonight, but alas, Justin has entered the room and things have picked up. These sessions with Justin are actually getting better and better. He seems to be enjoying the time he spends with the fans and this gives the room energy and for a moment it’s possible to believe that this fan base is a value add and something he can go to investors with.

Well, my real life excitement for the week is coming to a close and I have to get to the airport early, so I will close here.

Happy Anniversary!

I sign off tonight with a Happy 60 Day JTV Anniversary and plan to be back to my coma-inducing JTV watching self by Saturday afternoon. I need th show to drive me crazy — it’s only with that passion that I find the inspiration to rant here.