Justin.tv and the Television had a Contest and the Television Won

 Below is a copy of this blog as a Podcast.  If you’d like to just sit and listen, go right ahead.  If you’d like the more cerebral version, scroll down and read away.

No Contest

I am sad. For the past 54 days the smaller screen has captured my attention. I have not had tolerance for any of my favorite shows on the 42 inch plasma that's flickering in front of me, but tonight my old friend, my soul-mate won the contest. Idol was on and although I haven't really been interested, I figured it was getting to the end of the season so if I wanted to be able to talk to poeple that I'll be meeting this week it would be a good idea to listen in and find out whats going on in the real TV world and what normal people are talking about. Then a show that I found when living in Buenos Aires last year -- House -- was on. I love that crotchety bastard so the mute button on the computer lost and I turned my attention to blood and gore and smug arrogance from a guy that I find more attractive than Justin and whose arrogance is partnered with intelligent wit. When that was over I used my trusty remote and found myself watching the final hour of The Academy of Country Music Awards. I used to listen to boyfriend left me, car broke down, dog died, heart is breaking music, but that ended a couple of years ago. I am afraid Justin.tv is about to earn a spot next to Country music in my "used to be infatuated with" wall.

Cow in Window

Cow Parade - Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2006

And this is sad because ???? Because I've spent 54 days paying attention to JTV. That's 77,760 minutes of my life! In this same time I most likely could have finished the book I am allegedly writing, or traveled to distant lands that I've never seen before and helped build a village or a new water purification system, trained a puppy, or taught a child to speak another language, or countless other worthwhile activities. But no, I've been burning up brain cells spending my waking hours (which have increased exponentially with JTV) watching a guy that almost always, day or night, does nothing that's worth talking about.


Jerusalem, Israel 2004
Waiting for Some Excitement

I had real life things to attend to today and did not get back and online until after 5:30pm, but it seemed to be same thing, different day. Justin did seem to be in one of his downer moods. He does seem to be very moody. He's been blaming everything on his diet and drinking habits -- maybe it's time to listen to himself and make some changes?


Working the PamPang Market -- Pampanga, Philippines, 2000

I looked back on some of the archives and it appears that he was not happy with the state of the technology. Also, it seems they are stressed about an upcoming meeting. We're not sure what the meeting is about, but a couple of us are speculating that they may be meeting with VC's. Justin was torqued about the site crashing Firefox, Emmett mentioned some bad code, Michael was on the phone with someone from Google and sounded frustrated. When he got off the phone it appeared that he was just annoyed and the three of them put on their we're smarted than you attitudes and went on a short rant about someone that they probably don't want to put on the defensive. Thinking that you're smarter than everyone else you come in contact with is a pretty smug way to approach life and can't be good for business -- especially when you boast that you are online 24/7. At one point this fact was mentioned by emmett when he was trying to get the gang to stop talking about Indigo and his work (or lack of it) and pay situation. He had to explain in his usual loud, speed-talking way that this topic was not appropriate for broadcast and they stopped the discussion. Just when it was getting interesting!

They went on to have their daily meeting and the usual complaining ensued. I walked off to do something else and came back a while later when they were talking about what Justi should do for the rest of the week. The schedule is pretty lackluster and Amanda was trying to help add some interest. One fan wrote in to offer a tour of her blass blowing studio which seemed to be of interest to a lot of viewers, but Justin seemed to brush it off. They have opened up to suggestions and it will be interesting to see if they find any of the suggestions interesting enough to at least put on the schedule. Surely we know they are not good about following through with commitments, so showing up to actually participate in the activities is another story.


Reclining Buddah - Bangkok, Thailand, 2000

Tonight's Drinking Extravaganza

Tonight Justin is at an opening -- I'm not sure if Cantina is just a bar, or if it's a bar and restaurant. They haven't moved from the bar so I am guessing it's just that. They passed the guard at the door that checked to ensure they were on the list and proceeded inside where Justin got the usual novelty attention and a few invitations to appear on radio shows -- a sex show or other venues that the party goers seemed to want to promote. He went to this party with his "new friend" Chris -- the loud, conflicted about his sexuality guy that he met when he went to pick Christa up for their "awesome date" a couple of weeks ago. I've been in and out of the broadcast, but I haven't been annoyed by a fast-talker with a loud voice, so I suspect Chris found a guy or gal, or both that he was more interested in than Justin and made himself scarce.

I have a long day tomorrow -- I am heading out of town for a couple of days and plan to check in during the morning, but will be heading to the airport at about 2:00, so I am not sure I will be blogging for the next few days.

Navigator’s Monument

Monument to the Navigators - Lisbon, Portugal, 2004

Thanks for reading/listening and I'll blog with you all soon!

Meeting Mermen and Others in JTV Chat

Well, how about that. It looks like there is some good that can come from hanging out at the frat house after all. While hanging out in the Peanut Gallery this morning, we got to know one of our fellow citizens of Justopia a little better and what a treat it was.  Littlemermandotcom is his name and he was eager to spread the word about his website — http://littlemerman.com/index.php.

Now, there’s some good stuff here. I think I’m beginning to get the knack of chat-speak. J

Well, I really just wanted to get his link up this morning. It’s worth visiting.

I’ll be back later when – IF – when things have livened up a bit.