Where Have All the Viewer’s Gone?

Long Time Passing — Where Have All the Viewers Gone, Long Time Ago?

Jerusalem Door

Door to the Church of the Sepulchre — Jerusalem, Israel, 2004

I thought yesterday morning was quiet in the Peanut Gallery, but today there was basically no chatter for an entire hour once I’d logged in. Some of the regulars were logged in, but were apparently away from their keyboards. I attribute the silence to Mother’s Day activities. While Justin had been saying that his viewers were young males, from what we see in the Peanut Gallery it appears to be pretty well mixed and with a wider age span than he was repoting. If course he has no tracking mechanism — he doesn’t ask anyone to register, collects no data other than IP addresses (if he collects those) and has to rely on what people say in chat. Anyone can be anyone behind he mask though so it’s tough to really say who his viewers are.

I am not in advertising, but I do watch them on TV and I have to believe that any potential mainstream advertisers are going to want to know who the JTV viewers are before they plunk down money to advertise on their site/show. It would seem to me that now is the time to figure out how to collect viewer data, but hell, we know there are things going on, being discussed during at least 1 hour each day when they have their post-it note meeting/brainstorming session, which, by the way, Yiou told us was a “stupid meeting.” Not sure what rates as stupid, but she did mention arguments, so I’d have to guess it went something like this:

Emmett: WhatIsaidwasyouhavetotakethesquarerootoftheparametersofthebanneradbelowthefoldthat1050viewerslookedatyesterdaybeforethearchiverbroke.


AaaaHaHaHaHaHAHAHA! NO! You can not expect to make this a profitable business without someone getting laid — by tomorrow!


I’ve got an idea that I think the viewers would like. They are so cute and love you so much Justin. These ideas are going to make them happy because it will mean there is something to see and do other than watching you sleep and get drunk and we will mention some of their names and that will get people all tingly inside.


Did someone say there was a daily meeting? I’m sorry I’m late, I was up all night coding important stuff and if I don’t get it done, Justin.tv will fail. But hey, I am kinda cute and the girlies in the Peanut Gallery love me, so it’s ok if I am not always around.


No! Blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah…hear me now! blahblahblahblah I am so correct all the time and don’t want anyone to have an opinion or be correct if it means I am incorrect!


Has anyone seen Justin? Is he in this meeting?

Getting Stood Up

At one point I tuned in and saw Justin and Amanda going to look at a rental property, but there was no one home or no one there to meet them. I’m not sure if they were late, I didn’t pay attention to the schedule vs. the time that they arrived, but Justin did say something to the effect of, “We’re not even late … well, not really that late — within 15 minutes anyway.” They looked in the windows and were impressed with what they saw, but disappointed that they couldn’t get in, but left and went on their merry way.

La Boca Window

La Boca Window — Buenos Aires, Argentina 2006

Next time I tuned in Justin was doing an interview with RU Sirius while Amanda and Justin’s brother were sitting around watching. The usual questions were asked — Why did you do this? How long will you wear the camera? What happens when you have sex? (WHY does anyone think this guy actually has sex?) And they got into some sticky questions — What about rebroadcasting copyrighted material? (Ok ok! My obsessive, self-doubting, perfectionist when it comes to spelling and grammar self looked up the word — it does exist) Does anyone mind you filming them when they realize there is a camera plastered to your head? And on and on. The usual answers and they were done and off.

Justin did a good job being driven around by Amanda while he ate his Thai food lunch. Some in the room thought it looked great, but the gray blurry, pixelated look of pad thai or whatever it was didn’t do much to appeal to me. Justin devoured it as usual.

Stealth Meeting and the All New Weekly Update

Back home at the frat house the lovely Yiou donned the hat cam — should it be frat cam? She played in the chat room, but not for long. I think the newness wore off sometime yesterday. Shew as still a refreshing change from the JTV boys and girl.

Then, much to our surprise, we were treated to a new Weekly Update meeting planned for viewers. Amanda put the cap on while Justin answered questions and made announcements and his brother sat beside him with little to say. I don’t blame him, he probably is just not that familiar with this whole JTV thing and chat and didn’t know what to say.

They reviewed the week — sort of — and announced their choice for Fan of the Week — a Peanut Gallery 1 mystery — we think Ron the allegedly 60 year old fan that won hangs out in Lobby 3, but that’s up for debate.

There were some shout outs and talk about how they have so many shirts and stickers that inventory is looking good.

Vat of Wonton Soup

Wonton Noodle Soup at Fortune Restaurant, Angeles City, Philippines, 2001

The schedule noted a Sunday Night dinner that featured a drink of the week martini tasting upstairs. Michael and Laurence made pasta and pots of other undefined food — I am not sure I saw anything from the vegetable portion of the food pyramid though. Justin talked about not wanting to get drunk tonight and it seems that he’s holding up that bargain with himself tonight.

At one point during the day Jocelyn called (we think that is who it was from the pandering and quiet tone his voice took). He asked her to show up at tonight’s soiree and a short while ago she did. She walked in and apologized for being cranky earlier so I guess she must have gotten a little peeved that he canceled their dinner plans, but she seemed her usual doting self by the time they got upstairs. She seems to be carrying a torch for Justin on a weekly basis and he plays along.

Cathedral Lantern

Eternal Flame, Cathedral — Plaza de Mayo Buenos Aires, Argentina

The night is ending on a very boring note, although I have a creepy feeling that we might end up with a Kyle feed soon if he doesn’t manage to get Jocelyn to go home. I think I just heard him telling her he had to stay and help clean up, so this must be his goodbye Jocelyn move for the night, but knowing how Justin doesn’t like to clean up, he Jocelyn might win this one.

I am not going to stick around to see. I have a busy day tomorrow and need to avoid being in a JTV induced coma so I will leave this to the Peanut Gallery to fill me in along with Hammie’s blog and the archives.

Half Moon

Half Moon March, 2007


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