Doing the Tango in Justopia

NOTE: For an audio broadcast of this edition of the Living in Justopian blog, please click below:

Things continue to heat up in the Peanut Gallery and at times it feels like the room and Justin are doing the tango — fancy footwork and all. People continue to complain about being treated poorly by mods and the outcry that shakes the room when the gang mutes the audio so that they can have their board meeting — which most feel is a bored meeting is heard far and wide.

At one point, Justin seemed to have fallend asleep with his hand holding up his head and we had a wide angle view of an arm and wrist. It wasn’t pretty and some thought he had shaved poor Piglet!


It’s kinda creepy looking, isn’t it? More like a manatee then an arm and wrist.

I can understand the need to have these meetings in “private.” Afterall, what tech start up do you know that would broadcast their plans to anyone that was interested before the acutal launch? But … it would make sense to give the camera to someone that is not involved who could take us somewhere interesting. I don’t mind staring at them without sound, but then again I have a lot of other things that I can do to occupy my time. I’ve been spending my evenings with a laptop on my lap since I started my whirlwind relocation escapades and the laptop is often the voice of friends and family, so this is just another extension of that world.

Where Do We Go From Here?

I don’t know what transpired during the day. After the earlier post, I left the house and didn’t come back until close to dinner time. There is nothing on the calendar tonight, so I expect Justin will show up in chat soon and the room will be afire once again.

Do you remember the other afternoon when Michael hit himself in the head with the swinging web cam? I remembered this short video I shot at the tango show — Michael may need to fly down and take some lessons if he’s going to be flailing those web cams around.

Until there is more excitement, I predict we are going to continue to see viewship declining. Even the lobster escapades or a night guessing what did or happen with Jocelyn is more exciting than tonight’s un-activities!


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