Did They or Didn’t They?

Who cares?! It’s so apparent that Justin is not ready for commitment, that making dinner plans with J is a kind of, “let’s see what better offers/options I might have before I nail down a date and time” kind of arrangement.

Once again I’m in the minority. I like Jocelyn. I think she’s well spoken, has nice smile, is not abraisive or annoying, and she apparently makes some of the hormone-raging viewers here happy as well with the perceived notion that she’s “servicing” our man on a weekly basis.

Cinque Terre Scene

Liguria, Italy 2002

I have a different theory. I think Jocelyn has an interest in Justin, but I’m not convinced it’s a mutual like/lust? Does Justin ever call her first? Does he greet her with open arms? Does he plan great, fun things for them to go and see and do? Although that first date was a bit different, she planned it and in the end, it was better than sitting around a coffee shop looking for things to say to each other. I thought she was rather clever — for the one responsible for first date arrangement.

This morning’s antics were a bit much. I left last night at about the point where it looked where Justin wanted to call it a night, but our girl J wasn’t having any of it. I can’t stand the idea of watching a woman groveling, so I shut down for the evening. When I logged on this morning, Justin and Jocelyn were under the covers that he said he would never clean beause they were provided with the apartment so why should he? Uhhhh…because you shed pounds of skin a month and creepy crawlie things like to nestle into crud that your filthy sheets harbor Justin! Maybe this explains why he never took the plastic covering off his mattress. You can hear it when he rolls around in bed. When a new mattress is delivered it is packed in plastic and most of us get a knife or some sharp implement and get that off the mattress and box spring BEFORE we make the bed with nice new, freshly washed linens. Apparently, that was not information our Yalie knew about . Tips for living like an adult would be a great book title for this kid.

Time for me to go out and experience the real world again today. If anything interesting happens I will be back with another post tonight, but since the schedule is a blank — Nothing Scheduled Yet — slate, it is not looking promising.



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