Podcasting the Justopian Life

Clark Sunset

I took a stab at recording yesterday’s blog posting and have posted it up at iTunes and on an iWeb site. I don’t know how you get to it in iTunes, but you can try this to get to the iWeb site:

web.mac.com/franfeldman/iweb/Justopian Life

You should not expect a professional voice. I suspect a few of you will have a hay day with my high pitched rants, but I figure now that I’ve gotten the first one recoreded I will relax and the suqeek/shrill will fade into the background.

If you think it’s about the most stupid idea anyone at JTV has come up with, let me know — try not to be too harsh:) — and I promise never to do it again. I just know that one or two of you have asked me to find ways to make the blog easier to read since they are so wordy. If I can figure out how to get more royalty free music, it could spruce up the recordings.

And … I figured out to add a slideshow so I took the Piglet shots and put them into an animated slideshow and reposted that edition.




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