Piglet’s Day Out

Justin Takes Care of Business

For the first time in 52 days I did something so strange and unusual that I looked back at the morning wishing I had a web cam strapped to my head to have been able to record the event. Rather than waking up and heading to the laptop for another day watching and listening to the frat boys going about their business in their quest to become important, famous stars of the web2.0 world, I did something revolutionary in the world of Justopia. I woke up, took a shower, got dressed and did not pull up Justin.tv. Nope. I checked my mail and went about my own business attempting to improve my own life. It was an extraordinary event, one that I hope I can replicate tomorrow.

Iguazu Falls Close up

Iguazu Falls, Argentina

When I returned from the day’s activities I checked in and there was not much going on. Justin and Emmett were once again at a restaurant and the chat room was abuzz with — well, not much of anything. Apparently Justin and Emmett went to see someone about how to handle their eviction notice and while I was not around to see it myself, the story as told by chat room regulars is that they sought out the counsel of legal aid — ah! Why would they have done this? Some of them are Yale graduates, surely Justin made friends with one law student while he was at that esteemed Ivy League that would be able to gide them in the right direction. At least give them the name of someone that practices in California. Anyway, the story continues that the lawyer, in a hoodie (doesn’t sound much different than the girl that came to deliver the eviction notice the other day in her tee shirt and shorts) gave them the info needed, at least to their satisfaction and they headed to the court house to file their response and pay the court fees. One reliable source told me that the counselor advised them to deny all claims. Now, I lean back in my comfortable chair and scratch my head with a curious furrowing of the brow and think — how in the hell can they deny anything? It’s all there, on record. Even if the infamous archived video suddenly goes missing, there is reason to suspect that good old Crystal Towers attorney-man has saved numerous days worth of video to his hard drive that he can pull up at a moment’s notice if needed. But I didn’t see this exchange, so belaboring the point would be useless.

Sandstone Man

Man Blending into the Sandstone at the Taj Mahal — Agra, India 2003

Justin’s Mysterious Meeting

He left lunch and Emmett and took a walk and a bus and arrived at an office building somewhere in town where it looks like he was scheduled to be and one of his phones rang. The person on the other end was apparently asking that Justin not broadcast the meeting he was there for. Justin sounded a bit exasperated, told the caller that he tries very hard to stick with his claim to 24/7 broadcasting and in the end, suggested that he could mute the sound rather than taking the entire broadcast down.

So we went upstairs to a very spare, very clean, what looked like very new office space where a man and woman greeted Justin. The man brought Justin to an office with nothing more than a desk and some chairs. It appeared that whomever these people were had just moved in — nothing on the walls, nothing to give even a hint of what these people do or who they are. The camera seemed to be sitting on a tripod or a cabinet or something and the sound went dead. We watched in silence as the guy Justin was meeting with talked about whatever he was there to talk about. After a little while they disappeared and then came back and the sound came back — for a moment. The man had a piece of paper and a pen and wanted Jusin to sign it. He appeared do so and that was that.

Justin headed home and some talk of lobsters ensued.


Dolphins Heading Across the Atlantic — Off the Coast of the Azores, 2004

I headed into chat and appeared that the room was aflame — the mod status issue was a hot topic and some were bashing others for being mods, mods were making attempts at throwing back the flames at the throwers and others joined in to the fray. It was like a very bad feudal war. The mods against the mod-nots. It got to the point of almost total mayhem and really does not warrant a run down, but suffice it to say that I continue to believe what I have stated in earlier posts about volunteer chat moderation. It does not work. Anarchy will rule with volunteer chat moderation, especially on a site where there are no terms of service, no clear and fast rules to abide by. Enough said.

Halo 3 Yawner

I left for a dinner date and came back to the most boring evening I have experienced on JTV — Justin’s attendance at the Halo 3 premier. I am not a gamer, never have been. It’s just not my thing, but many people are, but from a look at the user numbers in chat tonight, I’d have to say a lot of JTV viewers are. I haven’t seen the room count up this high — over 300 people, steady for some time now.

While our man about town was busy playingHalo 3, my mind started wandering and I began to contemplate the Piglet Factor. Some have created chat room nic’s to in honor of Piglet, others talk about Piglet incessantly, while others ponder the question — is that Piglet or is it something else? Justin told us weeks ago that it is not Piglet, that it’s a dog and I have to say, I am in full agreement, the stuffed animal Justin sleeps with is not Piglet.

I have photos to prove it. Below is a little bit of Piglet’s Day.

[rockyou id=68345766]

What I’d like to know is … why does Justin sleep with a stuffed animal of any kind? Dog or Piglet or anything else… why? Does he think he’s going to become important enough to possibly have his stuffed animal named after him — the Justy Dog? I suspect frat boy would behave in a similar manner as our 26th president did if found in a similar situation. While Justin is and isn’t many things, hunter-gatherer doesn’t seem to be one of terms I’d use to describ him … well, unless he’s at a trade show or conference and he smells free food.

Read on to see how the term Teddy Bear was coined:
As folklore has it, teddy was born in 1902, when President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt was taking a well-deserved break on a shooting trip in Mississippi. When the local game failed to show up, aides captured and stunned a bear cub and offered it to Roosevelt to finish off. Deeming this “unsporting,” the president declined. His act of mercy was caricatured in the next day’s Washington Post. The cartoon caught the eye of New York sweet shop owner Morris Michtom, who asked his wife to make a toy “Teddy’s bear” to go in the shop window by the drawing. Back came an anthropomorphised bear, a marketing coup so successful that within a year the Michtoms had shut up shop to start the Ideal Novelty and Toy company, now one of the largest in the world.

(extract from “The Scotsman”)