Trade Shows, Rod Stewart and Slots, Oh My!

Three Saints

The 3 Saints – Carlos Gardel/King of Tango Eva/Evita Peron Diego Maradona/FIFA’sBest Footballer of the 20th Century


Introductions Galore

Today was a bit of a JTV bore. He walked around the trade show without a real purpose. Last week’s new best friend, Gary/Rod Stewart seemed to be trying like mad to be a mentor/career coach to Justin, but it didn’t seem like much was getting through to the guy. Rod would introduce him to professionals in the cable industry and would tell him about what their business was all about, give him some good background, tell Justin why it was a good introduction and Justin, not really understanding the industry and not being one for small talk, or any talk really, would mostly respond with, awesome, uh, ah, coo. While a cable industry trade show is not necessarily a value add or of any real interest for this stage of, it would have been good for him to behave like a true entrepreueur and show interest in what was being communicated with interest and enthusiasm. Instead, he seemed to get most excited about the Swag and free, picked over food. He seemed to endure the day without too much whining or droll complaints about being tired. That may have been due to the fact that he was feeing himself with some amount of frequency and didn’t have time to go lay down anywhere. He met a bevvy of cable players and a porn start and even a fairly cool robot that seemed to have some intuitive logic built in, but the whole time he was standing around that thing I kept wondering who was sitting behind the curtain controlling her. I kept wanting to know where the Tin Man was and the words, “if I only had a brain” were looping through my gray matter until I decided it was time to get the hell out of the house to break free from JTV!

Justin Roams the Streets of Las Vegas — well, for a little while

When I returned, it seemed that everything was the same. Justin had broken free of Rod and he was doing his best (which is never really good enough) to comply with viewer requests to get out and take us down the strip. But he didn’t really do much more than take the tram and walk to Excalibur, turn on his heel and walk out, stop at FatBurger for a dose of cholesterol, head into MGM and back to Mandalay Bay. He had nothing to do until departure time, so he posed the question to his audience — “What should I do,” with three choices — Stay and chat, go to the airport and sit and chat, go to the airport and see if he can get an earlier flight and get home. The consensus was stay around and chat, but he counts differently than his fans, so he made his way to the airport. Of course, in true Justin fashion, he bummed a ride with someone who was on the way to the airport himself. I ‘m not actually sure if he bummed the ride or if he shared the fare, I thought I heard something about that, but the sound was lousy all day, so I can’t confirm.


Everyone’s got to find a way home somehow – Udaipur, India

The easy way from Buenos Aires to the provinces

Time to Head Back to Frat House Headquarters

While at the airport Justin logged in and had another chat fest with his fans. He seems to like doing this, he’s been doing it frequently. I’m not sure what he gets out of it — ego stroking perhaps? Many of the people he approached asked what he was all about and of course he launched into his eye – eye – eye spiel. One or two more mature women approached him and seemed thrilled to be meeting the guy that broadcasts his life 24/7, and he seemed most happy to have met a porn star that had her own booth set up. To me, she seemed like a twit, but I’m not too familiar with porn stars, so maybe whatever the hell she was saying was worthile in porn-speak?

Viewer Chat and Slots 101

Once Justin got to the airport, he logged in and chatted with viewers, although it seemed like the usual juvenile banter about his body parts and what he could do with them and the repetition of questions he seems to be asked day after day which seemed to be getting on his nerves. Eventually he decided to acquiesce to viewer requests and made his way to the slot machines.

It was clear that Justin had never been faced with a one armed bandit (electronic or otherwise) before. He tried to put nickles, dimes and quarters in the machine, but quickly realized, after reading the signs that he was going to need exchange his coins. He met a friendly, or at least patient employee who helped him helped him with the money and explained how the payouts work. Justin seems to have a good constitution when it comes to spending money. He won a few coins, lost a few coins, came out even and walked away. Some thought he would miss his flight getting sucked into the addiction of the slots, but he walked away without feeling any pain. He made a comment about the negatives of the commercial whoring, or something like that, of Vegas and reiterated how he did not like Vegas and was sorry he went there. I guess we won’t see him in a cage with tigers or at “The Little White Chapel” when he meets the woman of his dreams and decides it’s time to get married.

Help Me Keep My Interest, Please!

I am afraid I am losing interest in I just don’t find a compelling reason to spend so much time watching a guy trying to grow up — live, 24/7. Tonight, I found Jay Leno’s long distance chat with elementary school kids showing their Mother’s Day cards from their classroom considerably more entertaining than

Put that in your pipe and smoke it. 🙂

Smoking Lady

Villager outside of Hong Kong, 2001

Special note

Tomorrow an article a friend and I penned for an online media industry trade site will be published (I think tomorrow’s the date). was the focus when I started writing, but it morphed into a piece about what the future of Lifecasting may hold. Once I get the link, I will post it in a blog entry. It’s short, much shorter than my usual ramblings, but my friend Dave has a much more clear head about all this craziness and is much better able to think intelligently about all of this. I think he’s probably one of those humans that’s on a regular sleep schedule, so he’s not walking about in a haze all the time like I seem to be these past 52 days. 🙂

In the meantime, I am going to play with this site and see if I can make it easier to navigate. Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t give users much room to play. I really want to replace the header graphic so I am not using a graphic created by someone else, but have no idea how to even attempt it.


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