Lulling Viewers to Sleep

Time to Inject Some Life Into JTV

Justin had a regular day today. It is beginning to look and feel like we are watching the life of an almost normal, not so important guy going about a not quite average daily life from this side of our computer screens. Chat has it’s moments, but for the most part, but the familiarity of the conversations in the room are predictable as well. People talking about their lives, others talking about what they want to see from Justin or chatting with one of the JTV crew and throwing suggestions and opinions out there in the hopes that this can be something that appeals to them.

Semantics — Sloppy vs. Dirty


Random Pig in Udaipur, India

It’s time for Justin and team to kick it into high gear and get the portal concept going so that JTV gets a life. Enough watching this guy that sleeps too much, never cleans anything and claims to be better at housekeeping than most women – what the hell planet it this guy inhabiting? I don’t want to put a gender label on his slothiness (I too can make up words in the world of Justopia), but I don’t know what female or male would agree that he is just messy and not dirty? He made the statement that he is just messy and that females he’s lived with are dirty. In what world is sleeping on sheets that he has not and plans never to wash is that considered just messy? He says throwing his dirty laundry on the floor is just messy, but not dirty. Since when is it acceptable to throw your dirty clothes in a hamper or on the ground and pick through, give them a sniff and put them on for another day? But I won’t belabor the point. I haven’t seen anyone in chat that argues that Justin is a slob and needs a swift kick in the pants to clean up his life.

Justin Talks to Playboy

Today’s schedule included a fairly long interview with Hal, a freelance writer for Playboy. Hal seemed skeptical of the vision of He asked a lot of questions, but gave Justin a long leash to babble on about the idea he came up with, how successful they have been, how there are tens of thousands of people that hit the site everyday and the platform he and the team are building so that they can hand out 50 sets of gear for people to do their own lifecasting. Hal shot back with questions and Justin seemed to get more and more passionate about the project. Our Physics and Philosophy major seemed to be speaking from the Philosophical side of his degree when throwing out his view on the future of broadcasting, what viewers want, how things will shape up in the future. I kind of which Hal had asked about the future of the US and how to end the war in Iraq — maybe Justin has a way to solve that for all of us too. What I most enjoyed were the new “Justinisms” — one such term is anonymazation. Seriously, I have no idea how the hell to spell such a made up word? I believe what he was getting at was autonomy — how people would have complete autonomy with their hatcams, but the term that came out was anonymazation. He seemed to struggle with the word, but in the end, was quite settled with it and repeated it for clarity. I am wondering if Hal is going to use it in the article.

I think Hal came away with some classic quotes, but we will have to wait until the fall to pick up our copy of Playboy and this time, some of us might be telling the truth when we say we are purchasing the magazine for the articles! It seems that this edition of the magazine will feature the future of communications, web2.0, yada yad yada. I would be surprised if the result of the 1.5 hour interview results in much more than a couple of paragraphs, but there is a long time between now and when the magazine goes to print, so it’s truly anyone’s guess.

To Apartment Shop or Not

Hanging Laundry

Liguria, Italy 2002

The next event on the schedule was apartment shopping with Amanda. The sound on this camera is not great a we know, so unless I have headphones on I can’t hear the details, but it from what I saw, the realtor they went out with, in the small, car with windows wide open creating that terribly loud wind annoyance either didn’t expect they were looking for rental property, or got the info wrong on where they wanted to live, because they didn’t appear to look at a single apartment. Instead, they did what Justin does so well — lunch. They had burritos and talked, and talked, and talked. I left to do nothing much more exciting, but didn’t feel like sitting on my couch with headphones on listening — being part of a snore fest.

Lion Eyes

Tiger, Bannerghatta National Animal Preserve, Bangalore, India

(The preserve is not so nice, but this goes along with the endearing team I have for Justin and the frat boys — and the apatment they live in — the sloth house.

Deciding What Route JTV Should Travel

Israeli Street Signs

Jerusalem, Israel 2005

I came back for a while and tuned in to hear the usual nightly JTV meeting — brainstorming session. Emmett and Michael were their usual passionate selves, talking about how to get to the next level — things like the platform, who to give set ups to, how important viewership is, how to create something viral, blah blah blah. My first suggestion, conduct a meeting with an objective in mind. In that hour, what do you hope to accomplish?

Tonight, Jay Leno mentioned the cable show Justin attended this week and low and behold, he didn’t mention our boy Justin. He talked about the new speed of broadband that offers the technology to complete downloads 25 times faster than current cable. I don’t know about you, but I don’t remember hearing hearing this yesterday, do you? I must have missed it. Glad Jay, on traditional television could keep me informed.

And … speaking of cable. The article I mentioned in yestrday’s blog posting was published today. It’s short, much shorter and a quite bit more coherent than these blog ramblings. If you haven’t seen it and are interested, please send mail to me at  I’d post the link to the article here, but am not sure WordPress will allow it to remain on their site — they seem pretty firm on their policies about not driving traffic to other sites.


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