When’s He Leaving Las Vegas?

City Palace
City Palace Udaipur, India

JavaOne Conference in the Morning, Cable Show 2007 in the Afternoon

Another conference, another JTV room full of complaints about boring content, with some good input and insight into how Justin could not only exploit interest by fellow (fellow?) media professionals in JTV at one of these trade shows but boost viewership.

Justin started our day by going to the JavaOne conference at the now very familiar Moscone Center in San Fran. It was, to many in the room, more compaint material, but to me, it was another virtual day at the office. I found it fun to be a fly on the wall at what seemed similar to an all hands employee meeting with a slick set up, product announcements and the kick off to a conference filled with seminars and interactive sessions that participants were eager to get into. We were shown a demo of a new mobile web platform and it looked pretty good to me. I am game for anything new, even though new often equals problematic, so when something new is demo’d I anticipate the release and appreciate being there when it’s previewed to an audience of “insiders.” And with broadcasts like this, I “get my money’s worth.”

Viewer Complaints

I am not sure what viewers complain about more — Justin sitting around with his laptop on his lap reading mail, doing whatever it is he does when he’s “working” — or attending conferences and trade shows that my have some relevance to what the JTV and t he frat boys are attempting to accomplish? It seems that there’s always somthing to complain about in Chat.

I do think that or man Justin could use a good PR person or Image Consultant to help him define his presence in this internet space. He shows up, someone gloms onto him or he attaches himself to a familiar face and trods along spouting his long, drawn out elevator speech about broadcasting live 24 hours a day, yada yada yada, whenever someone asks about the camera on his head or if he is Justin. He’s attending Cable Show 2007 in Las Vegas and is staying at the Mandalay Bay, same venue as the conference, so if he’s scheduled to attend any particular events, he has a great advantage for once. He could literally roll out of bed and be on schedule.

Firsts at Justin.tv

We’ve got a couple of firsts going on here. He has the opportunity to sleep in a clean bed and he gets to watch TV, as he’s demonstrating now. And although he told us he hasn’t “had enough time” to watch TV in the past 50 days and that has kept him out of the current events loop, he has chosen to watch Seinfeld tonight. I find it a bit coincidental — a guy broadcasting a show about nothing, watching a show about nothing while keeping an eye on a laptop and watching a guy broadcasting a show about nothing while…oh dear lord! How do you close the chapter on this?

While he’s busy playing traveling businessman, the viewers are happily going about their daily routine of suggesting what Justin should be doing to keep them entertained. I laughed out loud when one eager fan told Justin that since he was in Vegas he should go to FatBurger for dinner. FatBurger? He’s in the largest town in the country, with a booming culinary industry and people want him to go to FatBurger? Someone else was confused when seeing two beds in his room and another was disappointed that there were no mirrors on the ceiling. I guess there is some confusion between the Poconos and Las Vegas. One is much closer to Atlantic City and perhaps they do the mirrored ceiling thing there, I’m really not sure –oh, and don’t care. I’ve been to the Poconos and now that I think back on it, I was a young 20 something, so perhaps I would have asked the same question back then. Doubtful, but anything is possible.

Udaivilas Pool

Udaivilas Oberoi Hotel Udaipur, India

Where Has All the Enthusiasm Gone?

I notice tonight that even though Justin is hanging out in the chat rooms, chat is not crazy. Usually when Justin is present, chat scrolls by so quickly we can’t keep up, but tonight, it’s going at a normal pace. Is this a sign of failing viewer numbers, a lack of interest among those that are still viewing or is it Vegas? Justin could be taking a walk, showing those that have never been and those that wish they were there, the energy and vibrance that is The Strip, but tonight, Justin has chosen to hang out on one of the beds in his Mandalay Bay room, hanging out with the fans, waiting for his dinner companion — Rod Stewart — to call him. I hope Rod can sing, looks like it might be the only entertainment we get before he leaves Vegas.

Italian Couple

What are we sitting around waiting for? — The Cinque Terre, Italy 2002


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