Getting Spanked in PM


Cherub in Florence, Italy — 1997

Feeling the Bite of the Mod

Stop right there! I know I mentioned the Spank word and that we are talking about here, but I am not talking about that kind of spanking, I’m talking about Chat Moderation here — again. I talked about Chat moderation in an earlier blog (Call in the Guards — dated May 2) and put it aside because it just wasn’t getting under my skin for a week or so, but it came bacy with fury this afternoon, so I’ll rant about it here.

Chat has taken a different twist in the past few days. While the pattern of calm, adult conversation in the morning, adolescent banter in the late afternoon and a mix in the night and early morning hours continues, but it seems like the full moon is causing people to be more negative and some even angry. With the changes to chat, people have been having problems logging into both Site and IRC chat and then there is the issue of people cloning names and coming in unbeknownst to some that they are really an imposter and not the “real” digital persona that we have thought. Yep, all of this is convoluted confusion, but it’s been my life for 45 days and nights now, so it’s worth writing about.

To Be a Mod or Not to Be a Mod, That is the Question

Then we have the issue of people that are or were or want to be moderators. It is top of mind for me this evening because after Yalie was warned for throwing an URL into the room, a mod came in and told him he was not compliant with the Chat rules. Now, I am all for reducing the interruptions and unwanted or ugly stuff that tends to go on in Chat, especially Spam, but the rules are they are currently posted on JTV are unclear. Spam is annoying yes, and I have avoided it at all cost. I’ve never eaten it, have never seen it up close and personal and even when living/working in the Philippines a few years ago, where market shelves are lined with it as far as the eye could see and people eat it like it’s going out of style I do find Spam in Chat, IM’s and Email a problem, but I have weapons at my disposal. On some services I can hit the delete button, on others I can hit the Ignore button, and on others, I can use the Warn button. On JTV, I tend to use the ignore without the use of fancy technology feature — I just overlook the junk. I do it with my snail mailbox at home and I do it in the Peanut Gallery as well. I am able to just ignore.

But as usual, I digress …

Needing Clearly Defined Chat Rules

After Yalie’s was hand-slapped I spoke up and asked the mod when putting URL’s became a break in the rules? I said that I did not see it up on the page and that if this was a new rule, aside from needing to be specified, it would surely hamper some things that go on in Chat. People would not be able to communicate things like their Myspace addresses, or email IM, blog addresses, etc.

Ok, I’ll admit, I tend to be a bit — sarcastic, pointed, direct, flippant, perhaps, in things I write in my blog, but I did not mean that to be at all disrespectul to anyone. I wanted clarification and I wanted to know what Yalie did that was wrong? So what if I didn’t read what the URL Yalie posted said? I had no idea it was not appropriate, actually, I’ve yet to figure out what appropriate is in this room. It seems to change at will. Like I said, the moon may be causing some of the tension.

Anyway, suddenly, without warning, I received a PM from the mod. He/she was apparently not happy that I put my questions out there in chat and told me that if I was so experienced in the world of chat (I mentioned that I had years of experience in my AOL career), that it would “have been polite” if I had used a /msg. I assume, and I know assuming can get me into trouble but I’m willing to take the risk, that /msg means Instant Message in IRC talk? I last used IRC in 1994. Hell, I last participated in Chat in 1995 so I am a neophyte to this IRC world and apparently I hit a nerve with mod-guy/gal this evening.

Calling in the Mods Leads to Unintended Consequences

I know all too well how chat moderation goes. It is not an easy thing, it is not a fun thing and it is not a welcome thing to many, but if JTV wants to invoke power to moderators, volunteer or paid, they have got to draft some concise rules so that people will know what they are up against. Chat rules are really nothing different than the laws that are drafted for the site government to use to have people to comply with. I see the real problem here being the JTV government. One guy glued to his computer trying like a mad-dog to make the site work better technologically, one guy attempting to be biz development guy, one guy that stays up all night working on the technical aspects of the product and then one guy, that seems annoyed at everyone and everything, including his “fans.” And now we have a gal that seems to be trying her heart out to make JTV worth tuning in to and she wants to increase viewership. But does these roles make anyone a good mayor, or senator or president?

Hell, we have that going on right now in our real lives and see where it’s gotten us? A bunch of power hungry bullying thugs that do what they believe is right for them and us.

Rapallo Castle

Castle Rapallo, Italy — at one time, a ruler or leader of some sort lived her, or maybe this was a jail? In any event, it goes with the chat spanking theme. Rulers, jailers — what’s the difference?


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