JTV User Numbers

Justin just told someone at the Phashion show when asked how many people were watching at the moment that there were 500 of us. I did a quick toggle over to IRC and opened the rooms listing and clearly, his new fangled process for keeping up to date on user numbers is not working. I thought I heard Indigo — Brian — IndigoPhoto — Indi whomever tell him he would make it work correctly yesterday?

Anyway, I captured the screen so that everyone that does not have IRC and relies on the site chat numbers to tell them how many people are in the room can at least attempt to separate fact from fiction.

Maybe Justin has some people lurking behind the curtain that we can’t see and whose heads can’t be counted, but it’s not likely.


MyNick brought up a good point — that the numbers in the above screen shot do not capture the instances that are logged in as bots or mods. Here is a room shot with bots and mods noted at the top of the screen. In this capture I see ChanServ, JTVBot and Emmett. Each room has similar entries.  And since I can’t get into site chat to see what totals are being reported, I can’t do the math if it’s different to estimate how many are lurking in any possible hidden JTV channels.

Numbers with Bots and Mods


One Response

  1. There are other people we can’t see counted.

    1) People who use the embed player on other web pages.
    2) The people in the hidden jtv.staff irc channel 😉

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