JTV User Numbers

Justin just told someone at the Phashion show when asked how many people were watching at the moment that there were 500 of us. I did a quick toggle over to IRC and opened the rooms listing and clearly, his new fangled process for keeping up to date on user numbers is not working. I thought I heard Indigo — Brian — IndigoPhoto — Indi whomever tell him he would make it work correctly yesterday?

Anyway, I captured the screen so that everyone that does not have IRC and relies on the site chat numbers to tell them how many people are in the room can at least attempt to separate fact from fiction.

Maybe Justin has some people lurking behind the curtain that we can’t see and whose heads can’t be counted, but it’s not likely.


MyNick brought up a good point — that the numbers in the above screen shot do not capture the instances that are logged in as bots or mods. Here is a room shot with bots and mods noted at the top of the screen. In this capture I see ChanServ, JTVBot and Emmett. Each room has similar entries.  And since I can’t get into site chat to see what totals are being reported, I can’t do the math if it’s different to estimate how many are lurking in any possible hidden JTV channels.

Numbers with Bots and Mods

Global Chatroom Warming


Receeding Glacier in Alaska, 2003

Who Turned the Heat on in Peanut Gallery 1?

Wow, it got toasty warm in chat this morning, but in a good way. So often what we see, hear and read is boring, relating to nothing but the sedentary life of Justin and his life with the frat pack. Today was different and it seemed to help clear some of the cobwebs out of the brain that I am afraid is experiencing some mild atrophy from lack of stimulation.

I came into chat this morning expecting to see and hear exactly what I was greeted with — a few chat pals saying hi, our usual how-do-you-do’s and light conversation and the usual dark video accompanied by ambient noise. We heard part of a phone conversation in which the all powerful (in his own mind) ruler of JTV made a commitment to get right up and get dressed and to where he was scheduled to be, but once again flopped back into bed. Chat convo’s turned to the usual — What is he doing? Where is he going? Did he get any last night? Why is my screen froze? (Just what spelling and grammar books are today’s teachers teaching from this misspelling happens far too frequently to be a typo!) Was he drunk? And on and on … nothing earth shattering, no rocket science, not life and death.

Everything is Not as it Seems

And then things took a turn to current events. I may have made an “innocent” little sarcastic comment in response to someone’s post about rumors running rampant in chat and how people believe everything they read or are told or see on JTV. 🙂 But sometimes I can’t contain myself. I think I said something about how JTV chat (any chat really) is like playing a game of telephone and that believing everything you hear can lead to unintended consequences…like our current state of affairs around the world. And that’s when we saw the room leap to life. Someone mentioned the war in Iraq and I replied that I do not consider it War — Manx and Wayne then sprung to life. The dialog was scintillating and engaging and fun, and at times I felt my brain tingling as it was coming back to life.

While Manx and Wayne were being challenged by HummerLife with his “you’re pushing propaganda” retorts, Wayne and Manx were delivering blows that seemed to be striking some tough punches like being in a De la Hoya – Mayweather ring. I was a bit confused as I believe Hummer told us he is from Canada, but I could be wrong — he may just have moved to Canada in fear of a draft as the US military continues to shrink. As I’ve mentioned before in this blog, I am not above admitting my mistakes, and fact-checking in a chat environment is tough — so correct me if I’m wrong. Hummer’s views seemed to be tantamount to a duel challenge, the throwing down of the gauntlet. If he is Canadian and is unhappy with our American stance and ways, these might be fightin’ words. Shhhhh, don’t let W know about JTV chat or he might come in and find a reasaon to push his way into Canada next!

While Manx and Wayne were swinging with both fists other regulars chimed in on both sides of the ring or if not clearly on one side or the other, precariously stradling the rope. Although neither of my heroes seemed to be throwing out knock out punches at this point, the gas guzzling SUV didn’t seem to have anything based in fact to rip back with so I began to back out of the room. But not before saw jabs at what amounted to basically be accusations of being unpatriotic if you didn’t accept Hummer’s views and I believe he was quickly realizing that his efforts were futile.

Washington Monument with Flag

Washington Monument April, 2007

Politics Politics Politics

What was going on between barbs was complaining about how political chat was not welcome in the Peanut Gallery and that we should take it elsewhere. While the Hummer – guy, could be male, could be female — but I choose to believe he is male. What woman would throw a statement stating that we all have our freedom, we all have the same opportunities, that women have jobs and make the same money as men and …well, it went on for a few more words, but they were equally unfounded. Afew others continued in this convo and there were those in chat that were annoyed that any kind of conversation aside from the usual hollow chatter about what Justin was or wasn’t doing and with whom was not taking center stage or was being interrupted by adult conversation.

When I looked back in the room, the political conversation had turned to the global warming debate. While I experienced it in Argentina last year when I was living in Buenos Aires, my hackles were being raised and I looked in on things and saw that Justin was driving off to his Phashion show event — late as usual — and the battle between the believers and non believers in the global warming debate were heating up while some had kept their attention to Justin and his efforts to quicklky and quietly slip out the door.

He made it to the car and I looked over to IRC and saw this from Manx: “guys please do not attack hummer unless he directly engages you…or he’ll think i’m trying to persuade you to not like him…cause i’m so powerful and everything and you couldn’t possibly have your own thoughts or point of view because you know us liberals are all of a group mind…blah blah blah.” In perfect Manx wit and wisdom, Hummer seemed to have nothing much more to say and I decided it was time to come out here to WordPress to be sure some of the details were not lost as we moved back into boring Justin watching