Strange Bedfellows

 Lying Buddah Closeup

The Lying Buddah, Bangkok, Thailand

Tense Times in the Peanut Gallery

The tenor in Peanut Gallery 1 was intense today. People were sniping at each other, accusations of mistreatment were flying and in general, it wasn’t a positive place to be so I went out for a few hours. When I got back to the house and to the world of, Justin was having drinks with Jocelyn, a woman he’s gone out with a few times these past 47 days. She appears from across the data packets to be a nice enough woman, although somewhat pushy and this evening she hit a pushy high.

Justin was doing his usual, “I’ve had such a long week, I’m so tired,” whining and grunting act which I’ve come to believe in a lot of these cases is his juvinile way of getting out of situations he’s bored with or just plain doesn’t want to be doing anymore. J made comments like, “take off your whiney pants,” or “I don’t want to hear your whining” and things along those lines. She said something about wanting to walk home with him or for him to walk her home, but it’s the world according to Justin and he wanted to go home and nap, so she eagerly followed him home.

He continued to moan that he was tired and needed to sleep, but she wasn’t getting the hint, so they went up to the frat house where Emmett, Kyle, the new guy (Brian?), Amanda and Megan were sitting around their laptops and after introductions they sequestered themselves in the sloth-stye that is Justin’s bedroom. He got into bed and Jocelyn quickly followed and got under the covers.

Cheering and Hiding Eyes as Justin and Jocelyn Spend Some Quiet Time in the Frat House Bed

The chat room was chaotic — some were cheering them on, others were digitally hiding their eyes and the bulk of the chat was about what probably wasn’t happening. This part of the “date” was over and J asked Justin to please not make her leave his room alone and face the crowd sitting around the living room area. He didn’t want to get out of bed, but finally acquiesced and walked her out. That’s where it got really high school. They were in the hallway near the door and all whispers and giggling and J said her goodbyes and Justin closed the door behind her, made some wild face in the camera and went back to bed after mumbling something about having just wanted to sleep — “didn’t ask for this,” or something similar.

What Were They Really Doing and Who Was Watching from the Other Room?

What was most funny about the whole strange scene at the frat house was that while they were doing what they were or weren’t doing in the bedroom, the gang was probably watching on the monitor set up with the live feed and/or on their individual laptops. They seemed to be smirking and slightly laughing when Justin walked past to go to his bedroom, but nothing more was said.

How strange would it be to have this encounter and know that you had a gaggle of guys and gals outside the bedroom door watching it unfold?

Cathedral Lantern

Some Lit a Candle For You

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