Honesty is a Virtue


While honesty may be a core value in most people’s lives, it’s tough to separate fact from fiction out there in the world, and espeically so in the digital world. I hate being duped. I could apply a few adjectives to this case of being taken in by the JTV crowd — Naieve, stupid, ignorant, … but I will save myself the self loathing and just state here that I was duped yesterday. After reading Hamsterwatch’s blog I came to realize, that the antics with the girls of Justin.tv were staged. I posed a reply to Hamsterwatch’s blog this morning which I’ll paste here for all to see that I can exhibit humility — I was wrong and I now know it.

My Hamsterwatch Reply post:

Ugh. Looks like I went to bed just a few minutes too early, I totally missed this, but I am so happy you are keeping us up to date. And…I can be swayed. I wasn’t convinced that the Jocelyn incident was scripted yesterday, but now I totally believe the theory. Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago that Jusin ranted about other similiar ventures and how they did things in an actor-scripted type of way and how he would never do that with JTV?

I guess this is their version of a troop surge, and we know how support for that is going. 😦

Posted by Justopia on Saturday, May 05, 2007 at 6:56 AM


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