Where’s the Passion?


A Proper Tango in La Boca — Buenos Aires, Argentina

JTV Hours are Not Bankers Hours

Shew! This business trip has been a whirlwind. I sure am glad we have some time to sit around and stare at the baggage carousel tonight. This gives us the opportunity ponder the benefits, successes and failures of our enlightening trip to Los Angeles. In a 48 hour period we were transported from the comforts of home in San Francisco to Hollywood where we met digerati, digerati hopefuls, and digerati followers from far and wide.

I have been busy with real life, tangible, three dimensional things these past 24 hours, so I have had to miss some of my digital, Justopian life, but it was never far from my mind. I did have the opportunity to witness the conversation between Justin and Kyle, or was it Emmett, or possibly Michael late last night in which tensions flared — at least on this side of the screen/speakers, although this time, I may have to side with Justin. The caller was apparently agitaged with him for the sorry state of the feed last night; “blue sky” freezing, no audio — you know, the usual. During this trip however, especially last night, it’s been worse than we’ve become accustomed to. Our guy Justin was accused of not doing more to check and ensure that the feed was up at all times.

Kemp Fort Rabbit

Kemp Fort Shopping, Bangalore, India — where things are always a bit out of your control

Frustration When On the Road — losing control

Justin didn’t like this and he let whomever was on the phone know it. The broadcast was working for a bit of time when he was wearing down the handprints and stars in front of Grauman’s Theater while pacing back and forth waiting to do a JTV demo. We watched as he walked back and forth past tourists and we saw his face as he removed the hat and pointed it at himself to give his demo viewer(s) a sense of how JTV works. When the demo was done, I think that’s where the broadcast went south again and once he arrived at what looked like a 60’s psychedelic pool party due to the lousy quality of the camera lately his phone rang and the yelling commenced. He was accused of not paying attention while the feed went down for 2 hours. While the feed has been up and down frequently during our trip, in this case, Justin was correct. It had been working about 20 minutes prior to the call and while it’s not a good thing that it broke again, Justin told the caller that if the guys wanted it to work better, they had better fix it because he is unable to contribute anything to the maintenance of the technology, the building of the site, or the sustainabilty of the broadcast since he has to wear the hat cam and schlep the backpack around all the time. I’m not sure why he can’t help? He’s got his hands free at all times, well, execpt when he’s going into the backpack to change a battery or do whatever he does to “fix” things.

But this episode is not what I am here to talk about tonight, so let’s get on with it.

Is the Democratization of Content Truly Leating to the Death of Professional Media?

When I tuned in this morning, we were all anxiously awaiting the AlwaysOn panel discussion with Justin, Andrew Keen and Bill Cleary — Is The Democratization of Content Leading to the Death of Professional Media? Whew, that was a mouthful. Once again, I think was in the Peanut Gallery 1 minority. I was looking forward to this discussion because I am truly interested in what the diverse group of 3 would have to say. It’s an interesting debate and I won’t deny it — I can’t deny it, I really wanted to see how or IF Justin would hold up in a debate situation. They were coached beforehand to let loose and we’ve seen Justin throw his opinion around with ease in the past 45 days, so why would today be any different? It was interesting to hear him tell Bill in a pre panel discussion that he is really an introvert and that walking around with a camera strapped to his head 24 hours a day is a challenge for him. You know, I think I have to believe what he says. He is an introvert. He doesn’t do small talk well, he resorts to large quantities of booze when in a group and on today’s panel, he spoke up approximately 4 times and let the others shut him down on another couple of ocassions as he made a weak effort to speak up.

Keen Overshadowed the Panel — “In my new book…”

Andrew Keen dominated the panel in his hour long, “I know what I’m talking about, I wrote about that in my new book ” promotion while discounting the explosion of self-broadcasting, self publishing, and self promotion that is taking place in the digital age. Justin seemed to really want to rip into Keen in the days leading up to the conference, but he seemed suddenly tongue tied, unable to find the fire in his heart that is Justin.tv.

It seemed to me that the people in the Peanut Gallery and in the AlwaysOn chat room had more desire to light into Andrew Keen and to sell him on JTV and sell him on this new phenomenon then Justin.

Was he just tired? Was his fear of speaking in public the problem? Or, does he just lack passion?