Staging a Coup?

President’s Weekend Home — Clarkfield, Philippines

What Do the Signs Point to?

It’s been a slow night on the JTV airwaves and I am worried. It has been my experience that when a coup de tat is in the making that either a pretty major, albeit not deadly, earthquake is about to take place (honestly, they told us that the after the 7.1 quake hit a bit north of Manila was caused by someone behind the expected overthrow of President when I was living there) or TV and Radio broadcasts will go silent and the new and “improved” government appears like nights in shining armor to save the day. Ok, so while the Philippines has had two peaceful overthrows in the past few decades, I know it’s not the norm and violence can ensue.

But while looking through albums of my life in the Philippines and tuning in to watch tonight’s episode of Justin goes to Hollywood, it struck me that we may well be about to witness a coup de tat of our very own at JTV.

There is no broadcast, just a light blue screen and no audio at all. When logging into the Peanut Gallery (1 of course!) there is a message telling us that “Chat maintenance is being rescheduled to tomorrow.”

We know that Emmett and team have the ability to cut the broadcast over to JTV Headquarters, or one of them could jump into the chat room and give us an update so that the eager, creative Peanut Gallery participants don’t have to get busy writing stories about an overthrow.

What would happen if the JTV brain trust decided to take over? Would it be bloodless? Would JTV be better? Would we hear a different elevator speech when asked, “What is that thing on your head?” Surely Kyle or Emmett or Michael would not say, “Well, it was all my idea. I was driving around with Emmett one day and thought, how cool would it be to …” Would anyone care?

Hanging Laundry

Putting the Laundry Out to Dry in Tuscany

On the Move?

And as I was conjuring up images of three guys walking the servers and laptops and their dirty laundry from their digs at the YComb Frat house to a beautiful, new, clean, 5 bedroom penthouse apartment in SOMA, a place they acquired with a portion of the huge infusion of cash Paul Graham offered up after hearing about the successful coup (he was so thrilled that his little team of Lifecasting visionaries finally got a backbone and did something brilliant that he felt benevolent as hell), I suddenly heard choppy audio. I toggled over to Firefox and low and behold, Justin Kan was still in power. Nothing had changed. All was the same as it was 30 minutes ago. A wannabe successful entrepreneur with a goal of “giving out every single one of the business cards” he brought with him to Los Angeles was sitting around at a new media conference not paying attention. He is among people, some of whom could possibly be big supporters in the future, but doesn’t seem to care enough to listen to what is being said for any great period of time.

When is it Time to Speak Up and Ask for Lessons on Business Etiquitte?

A conference-goer that introduced himself to Justin this afternoon mentioned that he noticed Justin spending his time at the conference yesterday on his computer. He thought Justin was blogging, but Justin explained that he was busy making sure the broadcast was working and that he had to take phone calls whenever the feed went down. I’m not sure the guy bought that as an acceptable answer. I guess you have to grow up a little bit and experience the working world to learn better business etiquette. Talking and typing throughout a conference while others are in close proximity can make you enemies and Justin, dude, with people talking coup, enemies are not what you want right now! How do you feel about the possiblity of being in exile in Hollywood?


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  1. Justopia’s the best.

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