Lying Buddah Closeup

Lying Buddah Bangkok, Thailand — Keep thinking calm thoughts, you will not watch JTV 24/7, ohmm…

Admitting An Addiction is the First Step to Recovery?

I know I’m obsessed with Justin.tv. I can’t help it. I started watching this incredibly in your face (when the technology works) example of what Web2.0 has on offer of late.

And I’m afraid. Afraid my brain is turning to mush. Afraid that I have submitted to the ability to multitask to the extreme — handling email, knitting, watching TV,checking the blogs to see what’s being said about Kan and his antics and watching or listening to Justin and the team do whatever it is they do all day and into the early hours of the morning. I wake up and do it all over again.

What I am most obsessed with are the chat rooms. Well, one chat room really. It used to be called Lobby 1, but a few days ago it was changed to Peanut Gallery 1. The Justin.tv guys seem to think that referring to their loyal viewers is to consider them worthy of the cheap seats. I have found a definite pattern to the types of conversations, if you can call them that, in Lobby 1/Peanut Gallery 1. In the morning it’s calm, adult conversation, leaning toward the tech side. In mid afternoon the moms get online and there is some genuine familiarity and camaraderie. By about 2:45 it all goes to hell in a hand basket. The kids come home from school and it’s horny teenage heaven. It is the real Justopia. Vulgar language and incomprehensible drivel flies faster than most viewers can read.

Brilliant Clark Sunset

Clarkfield – Pampanga, Philippines hotel at sunset

Diversity in JTV Chat

What I find most interesting is that so many of the people participating in chat seem to feel about the same as I do about Justin and his lazy, sloth-like behaviors. That wasn’t nice, I suppose I should have said — 23 year old living conditions — it’s normal, but I’ve had the opportunity to grow out of that stage — by decades. Emmet and Kyle, the tech guys, get much better reviews and overall, it seems that people really dislike Michael. My opinion? And yes, it counts since you are reading my blog, is that the hatred of Michael, or Chubler as he’s been nicknamed because of his weight, is race-based. It seems to me that the ramblings in this chat room are indicative of the sad state of the minds of this teen and tween generation. It scares me. We are creating a generation of digital children that get their information from MySpace and Justin.tv and crave online poker and some have probably never curled up in bed with a good book at night.

I see vile racism fly past typed by people behind identities that it’s safe to say are most likely not at all who they claim to be.

Is the Money Flying into the JTV Coffers?

People think Justin and the crew are making money hand over fist, but that is not likely the case either. They are living off their Venture Capitalist contribution and I wonder how long that will carry them and more importantly, if Paul Graham of YCombinator will consider re-upping when they blow through whatever he put into the venture. Those same, seemingly star struck people seem to think that Justin.tv and Mr. Kan himself are huge hits and that everyone knows him and his broadcast, but everywhere he goes people ask what that thing is on his hat and he has to explain. Without any real emotion he tells people that HE had this idea to wear a camera and broadcast his life 24/7, that HE thought it would be interesting for people to watch someone else’s life at any time of the night or day and that HE was the only one that was willing to do such a thing. If push came to shove, I’d put money on the fact that it he didn’t bother to ask the guys, that he wanted the attention. Now that he’s got it, he just seems annoyed and imposed upon by it.

We’ll have to stay tuned and see how this thing pans out, but as far as chat goes, my feeling is Garbage In, Garbage Out.


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