Justin Takes Flight

Flying to the Bears
Landing in Alaska, in Search of Bears

Changing Colors

It has happened. I have transitioned from Justin.tv doubter, to Justin.tv convert! I don’t want to feel ashamed for saying this, but …

Last night’s adventure to Wild 94.9 was quite entertaining. It was not all about walking the streets of San Francisco, eating, listening to ambient noise while Justin sleeps, or some of the many other day to day life tasks the Yale grad with a hat-cam streaming live video 24/7 undertakes each day.

Nope, last night was a fun fest of at a local radio station that included a little PhotoShop lesson, gratis and an ass burning. Yep, the quick-editing DJ set his ass on fire as part of a marketing ploy and as a concert giveaway. It was damn funny. Yes, even a not so 20 or 30-anything found this childish stunt amusing.

But then I had to tear myself away from the fun and frivolity early for a change and get to bed so that I could wake up to behave like an adult and get to a morning meeting.

Returning to “Normal”

It felt like a real accomplishment to actually get to bed before 2 or 3am. I was beginning to think I needed a 12 step program to help break me of the Justin.tv addiction and didn’t know if I could accomplish what seemed like an impossible goal. I figure I will have many relapses in my quest not to stay up all night with Justin as I go through this program, but hope to get my 1 month token, or whatever it is you get for breaking an addiction in a 12 step program, by the New Year.

I say that because when I got back from my appointments this afternoon, I tuned in to JTV at the point of Justin’s day when he was sewing buttons on something other than the dreaded John Travolta jacket that he seems to feel is appropriate conference-going apparel. The schedule told us his flight was at 1:10 and at about 12:40 as he and Michael boarded the Fratmobile it looked like our fearless and always late hat-cam wearer would be late.

Peanut Gallery 1 was abuzz with chatter about whether Justin would be able to get into the airport with his hatcam, whether he would be able to get through security, what would happen when he was boarding the plane and beyond. Some were even convinced he would be arrested for broadcasting while in flight. Now, I am no TSA expert, but I have circumnavigated the globe more times than I care to count, but I find it hard to believe that FAA Regulations require that you turn off electronic devices during take off and landing and that no devices that transmit data or voice can be used after the doors are closed and before you exit the plane, I have seen plenty of people texting on their Blackberries or phones well into the air and have yet to witness someone being hauled off by the authorities.

Air Travel in the New Millenium

I have been slapped for taking a photo high up over the Rajasthani terrain while flying from Delhi to Udaipur, India, but was not arrested for my ignorance.


On the Way to Rosario, Argentina

Justin not only made it through security and onto the plane, but although we were packed securely into his backpack before takeoff, he managed to keep the sound going, so we had the take off experience. I suspect some in the Peanut Gallery have never had this opportunity before and can guarantee there were Justin.tv viewers from other parts of the world that have never experienced the joys of air travel in the US. One regular, Sharon I believe even said as much.

Experience Without the Experience

And this is the reason that on this May 1, when things in our world are looking bleak as I tune into the nightly news and watch broadcasts on the veto showdown, immigration protests, sad news of a six victim shooting in Florida, another steep increase in gas prices, and the ever important new of Dannielynn’s arrival in Kentucky, that I have become a Justin.tv convert. While all of this is unfolding on my TV, perched neatly above the fireplace I can take a trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles and avoid the first person experience of rushing to the airport, getting my boarding pass, going through security, sitting in the waiting area, and beyond while sitting in the comfort of my own home.

I travel plenty, today I just needed a little change of venue without the actual travel part and Justin gave that to me.

Way to go guys, you pulled it off. Now…can you do something about cleaning up the chat room?


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