Justin Has Arrived

A not so atypical mode of transport in Buenos Aires

Security Woes Go Unfounded

Ok, maybe not really arrived as in made it big, but he arrived safely in Los Angeles and meanwhile, back at the not so stylish or clean Justin.tv ranch, the guys made the transition from Kyle.tv cam to Justin.tv hat cam smoothly and we were once again on the trip to the OnHollywood events in L.A.

I’m not sure, but I thought he said yesterday that he had arranged for a ride from the airport to the hotel, however that was either not the case or he got stood up by whomever. He met up with the guy that he befriended, or that befriended him at the SFO airport while they were waiting for their flight to board. This guy, Brian, is attending the events this evening as well and is in the media industry, so they had a good conversation and I do believe this was the most adult-like behavior he has exhibited since the launch of this thing. He spoke clearly and intelligently and put on his best networking hat right next to the JTV cam. This is what is needed and he seems to be growing into his dirty shorts and shoes as each day passes.

But I digress … Justin nicely asked his new best friend Brian if he was staying at the same hotel and if he could grab a ride with him since his rental car arrangements got “screwed up.”

Networking and Meeting New People/Friends

A hot debate quickly ensued in Peanut Gallery 1. Is the under 25 set permitted to rent a car. Now, while it’s been a very long time since I’ve been in that situation, I don’t think it is possible to rent a car at that age, but rules change and rental car companies differ, so it is entirely possible he had a reservation, but that is suspect, although really, not terribly important.

During their long drive from the airport to the hotel, Brian checked his voicemail and had a nice message from wife, Paula. Justin quipped that it was very nice and seemed like Brian was “given a free pass to go out and party.” Something a 23 year old would think of first, while those of us with a more “seasoned” life would think — Yippe! I get to sleep in a bed all to myself and watch whatever I want on TV and no kids bothering me!

Incredible Technology Takes a Twist

Here’s where the cool part comes in. As Brian calls Paula to tell her that he’s arrived in Los Angeles safely, he explains that he’s met up with Justin of Justin.tv and tells her to pull up the site so she can see for herself that he’s doing just fine and behaving. In moments she was watching Justin.tv and was hurled into the chat room. Justin and Brian were thrilled and Paula seemed to think it was cool too. And then she got a whiff of Peanut Gallery 1 and the requests for the ages and names of her daughters. From there, it was all downhill. While the regulars were mostly trying to cover for the crap that was flying by on the screen, Paula became expectedly quiet and announced her departure. Some exclaimed their disappointment that she would leave, but after some more graphic smut rolled by her screen, it appeared that even the calming reassurances offered by some kind regulars that Paua had had enough.

A Breakdown in the Hotel Reservation Process

Once Justin found his way to his hotel (it was apparently NOT the one new best friend Brian was booked into). I missed about 10 minutes of the broadcast, but it appears that there may have been some confusion over the hotel reservations and when I tuned back in he was walking down the street to his hotel. He arrived at the place and it was like stepping back in time — a cool L.A. retro place that apparently has some history — one rumor scrolling past in chat was that it was the hotel that Janis Joplin died in. I Googled her death and found that she died at the Landmark Motor Hotel on Franklin Avenue in Hollywood. This could be the place — I believe the letters on the lobby windows were FH, but that’s up for debate.

This is where the hotel check-in gets mildly interesting — the guy behind the counter, sitting comfortably in his swivel chair can’t find Justin’s reservation. He searches under various nmes — Justin, Nathaniel (his first name), Cahn and Kan. Justin calls Michael to see if he knows how the reservation was made and turns out his trusty new assistant Amanda probably booked it online. Justin suggests hotel reception guy take a look for his reservation with his credit card number and voila! A reservation. What we watch unfold next is what seems like Justin’s first ever hotel check in alone. He did not quite understand that although the reservation was made online and it was booked on the company credit card, that you don’t actually pay until you check out. He was confused by the part about having a credit card on file to hold and guarantee the reservation and that it’s necessary for “incidentals” — the purchase of expensive minibar beverages and snacks, phone calls, oh and let’s not forget, outrageous internet connection charges (in some hotels). Reception guy finally seemed to explain it well enough (no easy feat for the guy to explain in a way that even a seasoned traveler could understand) for Justin to understand and he went up to his room where the connection seemed to take a plunge. I gave up watching for a while so that I could concentrate on my real life and what I see now is a very dark feed with party-like audio.

How amazing is it that all in one day Justin can take us all on a trip, his new best friend’s wife can watch her husband’s business trip commence hundreds of miles away, and we can watch Justin as he continues his transition to adulthood.


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